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General Hospital Spoilers: Grab Your Popcorn, Trina Finally Says Her Piece To Laura

Do not hold back, Trina!

The General Hospital spoilers for the Thursday, June 13 episode focus on a much-needed face-to-face between Trina and Laura. In other news, Stella confides in Tracy while Kristina and Blaze ponder their options.

Listen Up

At a time when Laura (Genie Francis) and Trina (Tabyana Ali) should bond over their shared loss of Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez), the two take the time to have words. The mayor has been on this unfathomable quest to help Heather Webber (Alley Mills) post-removal of the cobalt-poisoned hip replacement. She’s consulted her legal and law enforcement pals and obtained Heather’s court transcripts to see what she’s up against. Those are the steps of someone who sympathizes enough to want to either reduce a criminal’s sentence or set them completely free.

One by one, Laura faced people who wanted to prevent that from happening. Now, it’s Trina’s turn to confront Laura. Will she give the mayor insight into the pain and fear that Heather caused her? Will Laura actually listen to her? Or will she do what she’s done with everyone else who has raised valid opposition to what she’s doing? And that’s listen, get defensive, and continue doing what she wants.

Present and Future Answers

While Trina says her piece to Laura, Curtis (Donnell Turner) wants answers. Is this about the Heather situation or something else? Understandably, keeping Heather locked up is a concern right now. He already told his friend Laura what he thought of her crusade. What more does he want to know? And where does he search for answers?


Elsewhere, Heather remains a popular topic. Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Diane (Carolyn Hennesy — who just celebrated a birthday) wonder what the future holds for Heather. Why are they even contemplating the various scenarios? Are they about to make it their mission to work on Heather’s case? Or do they decide to fight against any sort of freedom for the prisoner? Speaking of which, what’s going on with Alexis’s law license?

Secrets and Options

Also, look for Stella (Vernee Watson) to confide in Tracy (Jane Elliot), which is something new and different. Usually, Tracy is the one who needs to unload her thoughts and worries on Stella. Thankfully, we now know this is a two-way friendship. This leaves one question: What does Stella confess or admit to her friend?

Finally, Kristina (Kate Mansi) and Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) ponder their options. This teaser is giving ominous vibes. Does their pondering have to do with their relationship? Maybe they decide to deal with the people in their lives once and for all. Some forces try to exert control or don’t adhere to the boundaries they set. What are Kristina and Blaze about to do?


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