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General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Is Coming Home A Brand New Man — And He Wants Sam Back

Spoilers for General Hospital surface Few people will be happier to see Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) return home than Carly Spencer (Laura Wright). However, she might be taken aback by how much Jason has evolved.

We’re not really sure what to expect when he gets home. According to some fans’ theories, he won’t be the same guy who crushed our hearts more than two years ago.

Is it possible that Jason might want to leave his life of working for the mob behind when he comes home? Maybe he wants to enjoy the simple things and leave that world of darkness. If so, could it lead him back to where he started…with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco)?

Jason Morgan Comes Home a Changed Man

GH fans around the world united in cheer — and for some of us, tears — after the primetime special last week that announced he would be returning to Port Charles soon. We just weren’t okay living the rest of our lives without Jason Morgan.

Now, he’s coming home, but what version of him are we getting? We’ve seen a few over the years, and certainly, the version who fell in love with his allegedly late best friend’s wife was a fan favorite.

We have to be prepared that we may receive a brand new Jason we aren’t used to at all. Maybe he’s “died” one too many times.

Maybe he’s lost enough time with the people he loves and doesn’t want to risk it all anymore. Whatever the case, some fans are speculating that he’s coming home ready to give up his Stone Cold side.


Hint Lulu Falconeri Is Far From The Problem

We’ve been expecting for some time that the saccharine sweet romance shared between Sam and Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) would come to a crashing halt just as soon as Lulu Falconeri (Emme Rylan) wakes up remembering how much she loves her ex-husband.

The reality is, there are no rumors of Emme returning, nor Lulu waking up. While that remains a prolonged storyline, a bigger threat could be headed for Sante much sooner with Jason’s return.

Dante Falconeri Is Out In The Cold?

The question is: Given the choice, would Sam stay with Dante, or would she embrace a changed Jason who wants to try again? On one hand, she’s long since moved on from Jason. She wasn’t even in love with him the same way when they called it quits.

Having stated that, she mostly terminated their union due to the risk associated with his profession. Would she give up everything she has with Dante if he was willing to give up all that?

While she and Dante merely have affections for one other and a shared house that used to belong to them, she and Jason do have a kid. Make decisions, make decisions.


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