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General Hospital Spoilers Speculation: Anna And Robert Reunite

Anna needs a GH bodyguard.

GH spoilers are making us think that super-spy Anna Devane is losing her touch. When you’ve already survived an assassination attempt, and when you’re being stalked, is going out for an after-dark jog really the best idea?

GH Spoilers Speculation

Well, now Anna (Finola Hughes) has been reminded that she’s a target. And her house burned down. These are both strong reasons to change some things. Such as living alone. Anna needs a roommate. And a bodyguard.

Just the Two of Us

The logical person for Anna to move in with for extra protection would be Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). He’s ex-WSB. He’s an evil Cassadine. And they’re already a couple, so why not up the fun? But are these two ready for that much togetherness? They already did the safe-house thing, and it doesn’t seem like that made them want to cohabitate. So why ruin a good thing? Save Anna and save the relationship — by staying apart.

Old Ball and Chain

Instead, Anna should move in with Robert (Tristan Rogers). He is also ex-WSB. And he’s the District Attorney. And he’s her ex-husband. They’re pretty good friends now. And it doesn’t look like romance is a possibility anymore, so Valentin shouldn’t object. Not to mention, it will make Robin’s (Kimberly McCullough) life easier. One Zoom call instead of two. She can fill them both in on her life, as well as what Emma and Noah are up to, at the same time.


Anna Devane: Sense and Sensibiity

Valentin is dating Anna. He has to be positive and supportive. Robert is not dating Anna. He can tell her things like, “For God’s sake, woman, don’t go jogging alone after 10 PM. And invest in some smoke detectors. No wonder the WSB is out to get you. You’re making them look bad.” That’s what friends are for.


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