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General Hospital Spoilers Speculation: Cyrus Is Austin’s Real Father

Is Austin even a GH Quartermaine?

GH spoilers are making fans super curious about the exact connection between Austin and Cyrus. We just found out that Cyrus was a friend of the family. But is that it? Or is there something even more sinister going on?

Blood Lines

Austin (Roger Howarth) arrived in Port Charles, claiming to be the son of Jimmy Lee Holt and Charity Gatlin. Jimmy Lee did marry a woman named Charity. And then presumably never spoke to his family again? Still, if Austin is a criminal mastermind, surely, he wouldn’t have assumed the Quartermaines would just take his word for it. He must have known some proof would be required. Which makes us think he must be at least vaguely biologically related to the Q’s. Of course, him being Jimmy Lee’s son is the easiest option.

After the Fact

Austin said he remembers Cyrus (Jeff Kober) visiting him and his mom as a kid. Which leaves open the possibility that Cyrus appeared on the scene long after Austin was born. This could have happened after Jimmy Lee died, and Charity had a relationship with Cyrus then. Even if she was having an affair with Cyrus while Jimmy Lee was still alive, if Austin remembers him, the carrying on at least continued after he was born and might have started then, too.


Man in the Mirror

But that take would be complex and nuanced. Neither is GH’s strength. The obvious big shock coming down the pike is that Cyrus is Austin’s biological father. Are you shocked?

Stay tuned for Austin and Cyrus to repeat this fact to each other multiple times. Then discuss how they’ve always been plotting together against Ava (Maura West) and Nikolas and Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Selina (Lydia Look), too. They have been pulling all the strings for all this time.

They are smarter than everyone else. Look how Cyrus fooled the prison people, and Austin fooled the Q’s…and Ava. This is a father and son duo for the ages! Think this is the case?


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