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General Hospital Spoilers Speculation: Felicia Scorpio Prepares For Her Next Act

How will Mac Scorpio feel about this GH development?

GH spoilers are telling fans that Felicia won’t be content to sit around and play Grandma for long. Maxie can get a sitter for her brood, her adventurous mama has more interesting things to do!

GH Spoilers Speculation

There are a lot of options zigging and zagging around Port Charles. Here’s what Felicia (Kristina Wagner) is most likely to seize upon next.

Crusading Report: Deep Felicia

Felicia has always loved snooping. Sometimes, the law-enforcement types in her life appreciated it. Sometimes they didn’t. So, how about some snooping with a self-righteous tinge to it? Felicia can join Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) at her newspaper. Then she can snoop around and blame it on the public’s right to know!

Helping Hand

Mac (John J. York) thought Felicia should volunteer at the hospital. He was probably thinking of candy-striper, dressing up like a clown to entertain the kids in pediatrics. You know, wholesome stuff. But if there is any place in Port Charles that needs a snooper, it’s General Hospital. Maybe if Felicia is on the case, we wouldn’t have nearly as many botched paternity tests…or misdiagnosed cases of death.


Put a Badge on It

But, in the end, neither option is as attractive as going pro with her snooping and joining Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) Private Investigator Agency. Self-righteousness is nice, as is helping the sick and needy. But nothing is as much fun as bringing down bad guys. Or clearing the names of good guys. Felicia has so many skills, Mac shouldn’t want to see her back-burnered.

Once Felicia drops Georgie, James, and Bailey back off at Maxie’s (Kirsten Storms) house, she should hightail it over to Sam’s place of business and announce herself as being ready, willing, and able to report for snoop duty. And if Sam isn’t delighted to see her, well, that’s Sam’s problem. Move over. There’s a new PI in town!


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