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General Hospital Spoilers Speculation: Lies Destroy Anna And Valentin

Will they lie themselves into a GH break up?

GH spoilers aren’t looking good for Anna and Valentin. He’s lying to her for reasons we don’t understand. She’s lying to him about knowing that he’s lying to her for reasons we don’t understand. That’s not one of the foundations of a solid, for keeps relationship. Are all these lies about to doom the spy duo?

GH Spoilers Speculation: And We’ll Have Fun, Fun, Fun

On the one hand, the fact that Anna (Finola Hughes) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) are pretty much always lying to each other, suggests that, on some level, they must enjoy it. Maybe it’s how they keep their relationship exciting. Or, at least, interesting. Who would want the ex-WSB employees to settle down into some boring domestic doldrums? Maybe this is the only way they can stay intrigued by each other. And if so, no judgment or kink-shaming here.

The Road To Hell

Of course, there’s always the risk that, without a safe word, one or the other may go too far, and tell a lie the other can’t forgive. In that case, the spark will be extinguished forever, and the two will be forced apart for good.


Time After Time

But that isn’t going to happen in the near future. In the near future, the lies will continue. Instead of a clean break, we’re going to get a death by a thousand cuts. Valentin will tell another lie for no reason. Anna will figure it out. Anna will keep the truth to herself. But she’ll do something that will make Valentin sorry he lied – even though he won’t know that she knows he’s lying.

Maybe Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) will get involved? Didn’t she look awfully happy at the idea of having Papa all to herself? Then, Valentin will need to lie about the lie he told which Charlotte knows and Anna knows but Charlotte and Valentin don’t know that Anna knows. And Anna will find out. Eventually, they’ll be so confused, they’ll have no chance but to go their separate ways.


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