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General Hospital Spoilers: Why General Hospital Is Going To K.ill Off Gladys

According to General Hospital rumors, a “Who killed Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs)” storyline may be next. Gladys’ reputation has been entirely destroyed. She has gotten worse and worse.

Gladys stealing Sasha’s money was one thing, but purposely sabotaging Sasha’s (Sofia Mattsson) development and getting her hooked on drugs once more was quite another.

It was abhorrent and repugnant to include Dr. Montague, Sasha’s psychiatrist, in the scheme to set her up (Darin Toonder).

Why Gladys Should Be Stopped

Even worse, everyone saw Gladys do nothing while Sasha was being sent into Ferncliff by Dr. Montague.

She required assistance in understanding the reality regarding Gladys and the perverse Dr. Montague.

The mother-in-law from hell ought to have spoken up straight away and stopped it, but instead, she let Dr. Montague to commit Sasha.

Better is because to Sasha. We need to see her overcome this, empower herself, and find some genuine pleasure because she is one of those exceptional, fundamentally nice people who is unselfish and caring.

Gladys, on the other hand, needs to get hers. This reckoning is why we think that General Hospital is cleverly setting the scene for a good murder mystery, and the morally and financially bankrupt Gladys will end up six feet under.

There would be several possible suspects, of course. Let’s start with the obvious. Selina Wu (Lydia Look) may have had enough of Gladys and her stalling payment.

Selina is not one to mess around, and she may be getting to the point where she will no longer tolerate Gladys’s excuses. She may be ready to act on her frustration and have one of her men off Gladys.


The Usual Suspects

She might, however, be prepared to keep Gladys alive for payment.

On the other hand, Sonny (Maurice Benard) might not be so kind. Once he learns the truth about what Gladys did to Sasha, he won’t tolerate it any longer.

To exact revenge on Sasha, Sonny might end up killing a member of his own family. Particularly now that Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor) has left, his desire to defend and assist her is apparent.

Next up is Cody Bell (Josh Kelly). He seems smitten with Sasha and has even been trying to commit himself to Ferncliff so he can help her.

Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), Dante Falconari (Dominic Zamprogna), and Mac Scorpio (John J. York) all know that Cody is livid.

He threatened Gladys at the police station and clarified that he wanted to make Gladys pay for what she has done to Sasha.

Dr. Montague is next in line. He might decide to kill his accomplice in order to silence her. He wouldn’t want to take a chance on losing his medical license or having his actions toward Sasha exposed.

Finally, Sasha might snap when she realizes Gladys is the reason she was institutionalized, and this could result in Sasha murdering Gladys.

There certainly seems to be a wide range of motivations for killing Gladys. It all relies on how the narrative is going to be told.


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