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General Hospital Star Morgan Fairchild Reveals Fiancé Mark Seiler’s D.eath

According to General Hospital updates, Morgan Fairchild (Haven de Havilland) is inconsolable about the passing of her fiancé Mark Seiler. The General Hospital actress and Mark had been together for 36 years until he passed away. And after her loss, Morgan, 73, gave fans some advice on love.

Read Fairchild’s writings about her life partner. find out how he passed away. Find out everything here.

General Hospital Star Morgan Fairchild Mourns Partner’s Death

In order to express her sorrow on the passing of her fiancé and partner Mark Seiler, Morgan Fairchild took to social media. The General Hospital actor also disclosed the reason for his departure. However, People stated that as Morgan was expressing her sorrow, she also took the time to counsel her fans.

The 73-year-old General Hospital star revealed her “sad news” to her followers after 36 years with Mark. “I’m so sorry to let you know that my life partner (36 years together) & fiancé, Mark Seiler, passed away last Friday night,” she wrote on social media.

He’d had Parkinson’s for several years,” added Fairchild. “But it seems to be Long Covid that took his life after his 3rd infection.”

And the General Hospital star told her fans, “Hold your loved ones close.” In a separate social media post, Morgan paid tribute to Seiler as “a warm, brilliant & very funny man.” And she admitted, “I am devastated. Hold your loved ones close and please consider wearing a mask. #BeKind I am Sending Love To You All.”


Mark Hamill Sends Love To Morgan Fairchild

Fans and friends quickly responded to the General Hospital star’s sad news. For instance, Mark Hamill reached out. And he wrote, “So sorry for your loss, Morgan. Sending my love & deepest condolences your way.” But in response to another follower, Fairchild described herself as “still kinda in shock.”

The General Hospital star and Mark began their romance in the 1980’s. However, in 2016, Seiler received his diagnosis of Parkinson’s. And Fairchild shared that the couple had dealt with his symptoms “for a while.” But during the COVID-19 pandemic, the General Hospital star revealed that her partner moved into a nursing home. And she praised the facility for “taking very good care of him there. I’m very grateful that they haven’t had any cases there,” added Morgan. But “I’m just here.”

Fairchild shared a photo of herself and Seiler having fun outside in her final social media post about their romance before he passed away. “#OnMyWalk with my man to lunch! A pleasant wind and iced cocoa at @BluestoneLane are always enjoyable. On the table are our masks. She wrote, “#BeKind #MaskUp #VaxxUp. Morgan referred to their relationship as “a long-term commitment” when questioned about marriage. We’ve been dating for a very long time. Therefore, we might decide to leave it as it is right now.


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