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General Hospital’s Cyrus Hobbi Lands In The Hospital On Thanksgiving

Cyrus Hobbi checked into a real life General Hospital on Turkey Day.

Cyrus Hobbi, who plays bodyguard Yuri on General Hospital, plays most of his scenes in the Quartermaine mansion. However, after a mishap on Thanksgiving day, he ended up in a real-life hospital.

Cyrus Hobbi: Play To Win

“Prayers for my [brother] Cy. He fractured his leg during [turkey emoji] ball this am [crying face emoji] missing my fam & so thankful,” posted @leylahobbi_ on her Instagram stories. Hobbi re-shared the image on his social stories, adding the headline: “Sports” along with three red heart emojis.

The Football Grinch Stole Thanksgiving

Showing that he hasn’t lost his sense of humor, the GH actor also posted on stories a quick video of him in a hospital bed where he offered some advice that appears to have been given under the influence and aid of some serious painkillers. (His image is captioned: “Meds are working.”)

“So, when I’m in a hospital bed, I like to reflect on what I learned…on what I did learn on this beautiful Thanksgiving — don’t put Twinkies on your pizza,” Hobbi sagely shared. We suspect it was more a football play gone awry that may have Hobbi hobbling for at least a bit rather than an unlikely (but potentially delicious) pizza recipe.


Hobbi is no stranger to sports, either in real life or on TV. He played football while attending USC. The actor has appeared as a football player in the Margot Robbie film Babylon and he portrayed athlete Kevin Patrick in the series Young Rock.


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Cyrus Hobbi: Airtime for Yuri

Hobbi’s injury occurred around the time the actor was appearing on GH on Thanksgiving Day. Yuri was in the show’s holiday episode as the bodyguard had picked up Lois’s (Rena Sofer) mother, Gloria (Ellen Travolta), from the bus stop just in time to enjoy some turkey pizza?

Also, Yuri shared a phone call with Terry (Cassandra James) as they were both working and were unable to be with each other. Yuri teared up at the end of the conversation with his girlfriend, but that was due to the onions he was cutting, right? Soap Hub wishes Hobbi a speedy recovery from his injury.


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