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GH Comings And Goings: Cameron Mathison First Airdate Leaks – Drew Q Recast As Burton’s Brother?

Report on arrivals and departures from general hospitals We know the date of Cameron Mathison’s debut on General Hospital. And according to intelligence that has leaked, he might be a recast of Billy Miller’s Drew Cain. If so, the ABC serial series Port Chuck is about to undergo a significant change.

Cameron Mathison Airdate LEAK – General Hospital Comings & Goings Update

reports on GH casting news The debut episode of Cameron Mathison’s show just appeared on his IMDB. The GH episode with this number, episode #1.14835, is included despite the absence of a date. The episode from June 18 was at position #1.14812. He is now 23 episodes away from making his debut. Therefore, it seems like we should expect to see Cameron in roughly four weeks, or around the week of July 12.

Cameron Mathison also said recently that he starts to film soon, and he will air before summer is over. So, of course, fans are curious to know who Cameron’s character is. There is a lot of speculation out there on who Cameron will play. But, one character makes perfect sense, tease General Hospital spoilers.

Drew Cain Resurfaces – Leaked Script & Video Clues

General Hospital casting updates suggest Cameron Mathison might be a recast of Drew Cain. In two recent videos, Cameron Mathison said GH told him to grow out his hair and grow some scruff before he starts filming. No doubt, this points to a possible recast of Drew. The scruffiness would explain being stranded and lost post-plane crash.

And as you can see from the picture up above, Cameron would be a much better match to play Drew, as a twin to Jason Morgan, played by Steve Burton. You may recall that Billy Miller is almost a decade younger than Burton. So, it was a real reach for them to play twins. By comparison, Mathison and Burton are close in age, height, and build. They could definitely play brothers on General Hospital.

So, Cameron makes much more sense. Plus, a recently leaked script shows two people talking. One person asks the other to point him to the nearest airport. And to tell him the name of the person who has been keeping him there for the past two years. Then, the other person mentions that “the boss” pulled him out of the water.

And he stashed him wherever he is without anyone realizing that he survived the crash. Undoubtedly, this sounds just like Drew and his plane that went down on the way to Afghanistan two years ago on General Hospital. Of course, Peter August (Wes Ramsey) paid to take down the plane. So, it’s the right time to bring back Drew Cain with Peter on ice…


Could Mathison Play Vincent Novak?

Of course, there is always the possibility that Cameron Mathison could play someone else on GH. The name Vincent Novak keeps getting dropped lately. This mobster is causing problems for Jason and his bestie Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) right now. However, that seems less likely as it wouldn’t explain why the ABC soap would ask the actor to get “scruffy”.

So it would seem that we might see Novak sooner than in four weeks. The more obvious option is Drew Cain, though anything is possible. Viewers of General Hospital have been waiting to see Drew. And, GH spoilers, they might soon get their wish. Of course, the serial hasn’t confirmed who Cameron portrays yet; all we have are the leaked screenplay and the video clue regarding his appearance.

Major Drama Ahead on GH

General Hospital spoilers see big drama in store if Drew Cain pops back up this Summer. Whoever rescued Drew Cain has been holding him for the last couple of years. And judging from the script, Drew is not happy about it. But, of course, GH fans know that Peter is the one responsible for Drew’s plane crash. However, Peter thought Drew Cain was dead all this time.

So, it’s someone else that saved his life. But, it’s still a mystery as to who it is and what they want with Drew. New info also says that this “boss” will not hesitate to kill anyone that is sniffing around. So, this person is certainly ruthless and wants to hang on to Drew for whatever reason.

All indications point to the Drew Cain recast given Cameron’s dirty appearance and this leaked information. And if that’s the case, Sam McCall’s (Kelly Monaco) life will undoubtedly be turned upside down. Additionally, Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) is now widowed and so single. Whatever the persona, it will be fantastic when Cameron Mathison enters the picture. On the ABC soap, let’s hope it’s Drew Cain coming back to life.


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