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GH Comings And Goings: Old Castmates RETURN For Bobbie Spencer’s Tribute Episode

Fans of the long-running soap show General Hospital have been shocked by the death of star Jacklyn Zeman. After a brief fight with cancer, the adored actress who played the spunky and fiercely loyal Bobbie Spencer for more than four decades passed away on May 10th, 2023. Zeman’s passing has left a void in the hearts of General Hospital viewers as well as the wider soap opera world.

As we mourn the loss of a true legend, we look ahead to how GH will pay tribute to Zeman’s iconic character. Fans are also wondering who might return to attend Zeman’s memorial. In addition, there’s speculation about who might return to attend Zeman’s memorial. Will Ryan Carnes reprise his role as Bobbie’s adoptive son, Lucas Jones, to remember his mother? Let’s find out!

Who Will Return For Bobbie’s Memorial On General Hospital? Fans Speculate!

With news of Bobbie’s passing, fans are eagerly anticipating how the show will honor Zeman’s memory tribute episode. The show has a history of giving its characters and actors a proper farewell. Hence it’s expected that Bobbie will receive the same treatment. However, the writers’ strike that’s currently underway could potentially affect the timing of the tribute episode. General Hospital may hold off until the regular writing team is back in place before moving forward with memorial plans. Alternatively, the show could rely on material from strike-breaking writers, known as “scabs,” if they decide to write about Bobbie’s death sooner.

Regardless of the timing, one thing is certain: Bobbie’s absence will have to be addressed at some point. But whom can we expect to return for Zeman’s memorial? It is certain that Bobbie’s adoptive son will be present. Now this raises the question of whether Ryan Carnes will reprise his role as Lucas Jones. After Carnes’ last appearance in 2020, Matt Trudeau replaced him as a recast. However, Trudeau failed to garner much fan support, as he was barely given screen time and ultimately left the show early in 2021.

It’s possible that Trudeau or another recast could play Lucas in the memorial show. However, it would mean more if Ryan Carnes returned to the role. Carnes might be willing to make an appearance to honor Jacklyn Zeman’s memory if the show reached out to him. So, would you like to see Ryan Carnes reprise his role as Lucas Jones for the memorial show, or would you be open to another recast? Share your thoughts with us.


Co-Stars Share Heartfelt Tributes!

Zeman brought Barbara Jean ‘Bobbie’ Spencer to life for an incredible 45 years, and her co-stars from past and present took to social media to share their love and memories of the beloved star. Sarah Joy Brown, who played Bobbie’s daughter, Carly, remembered Zeman as a guiding force. She Zeman mothered and gently guided her toward success. Marc Anthony (Felix) said that Zeman never ceased to make them laugh and smile. Longtime General Hospital H star Tristan Rogers remembered Zeman as one of his first real-life Port Charles friends. While John J. York (Mac) called her a legend with a sparkle that will be present on General Hospital forever.

Several of Zeman’s fellow cast members from General Hospital, including Kathleen Gati (Liesl), Lydia Look (Selina Wu), and Greg Vaughan (Lucky Spencer), paid tribute to her generosity, love, and extraordinary talent. Even Yvette Nicole Brown, a devoted General Hospital viewer who recently made an appearance on the show, was delighted to meet Zeman and was in awe of her presence. Zeman will be sadly missed, but her influence on the soap opera industry and legacy will endure forever. Jacklyn Zeman, please rest in peace.


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