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GH For The Next Two Weeks (June 19-30, 2023): Drew Gets Sentenced, Trina And Spencer Finally HIT THE SHEETS?

General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming two weeks (June 19–30, 2023) have been released, which will increase your anticipation for the new episodes. Ned will revert to his 90s persona, Eddie Maine, for the week of June 19, 2023, so there will be some significant explosions there! Carly and Drew will get a shocking surprise at the courthouse in the meantime. Could that be connected to the sentence in the SEC case? Trina and Spencer will finally unwind and catch up on their romance during the week of June 26, 2023. Will that continue, though? To learn more, continue reading TV Season & Spoilers!

Nina Begins Her Confession To Sonny, Ned Drifts To His Eddie Maine Days

Nina has been contemplating her next move for a while now on General Hospital. However, now that she knows that Ned has stumbled upon her secret, she feels she has no option but to confess. Thus, during the week of June 19-23, 2023, Nina will begin to tell Sonny that she has something huge to get off her chest with him. But, she will literally get saved by the bell, as her conversation with Sonny gets interrupted with updates about Ned and his altered memory. The General Hospital spoilers tease that she will take this as a lease of new life and twist her tale with Sonny. Instead of telling him the real truth, Nina will tell Sonny that she lost the engagement ring that he gave her.

Meanwhile, at General Hospital, Olivia will be stunned by Ned’s reaction. The spoilers reveal that upon waking up, Ned will forget his current reality and drift back to his 90’s rock star persona, Eddie Maine. He will refuse to be addressed as Ned and will insist that he does not even know Olivia. Moreover, considering that during the 90’s, he was married to Brook Lynn’s mom, Lois Cerrulo, he may believe that she is still his wife. In fact, he even has an affair with Alexis at the time, so those feelings might return too! Ned’s crazy memory infliction will cause Tracy to rip into TJ and the rest of the medical staff. Will any of them be able to help come out of his daze?

Drew Gets Sentenced, Gladys Gets Cornered

General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 19-23, 2023, reveal that Carly and Drew will receive an unexpected shock when the judge rejects Drew’s plea deal. Drew was hoping that his confession would buy him some leniency, and he may have to serve about six months and Spring Ridge. However, the judge will cut him no slack and award him a two-year stint at Pentonville instead. This would leave Carly infuriated, but Drew will calm her down and request her not to create any scenes or make things worse than they already are. Although the sentence will feel extra harsh, Drew will resign that it perhaps is too late to back out of his confession. But is it really too late, or will Carly come up with some last-minute plan to save Drew?


Across town, Sasha will stumble upon some disturbing discoveries on General Hospital. She will learn that Gladys was involved in a high-stakes game with Dr. Montague. This will certainly catch her off-guard and may make her suspicious of Gladys’ acts. Meanwhile, Cody, too, will have it out with Gladys as he corners her with the accusation of setting him up for the necklace theft. However, Selena will break up their fight and remind Gladys that she still needs to repay her in full. It seems like the walls have started to close in on Gladys. What will she do now?

Ava and Austin Get In Trouble, Spencer and Trina’s Romance Gets Derailed

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Austin and Ava will make some really risky moves to get Mason’s job done. However, General Hospital spoilers tease that during the week of June 26-30, 2023, the two of them will fall into some grave trouble. This will push Austin to think fast on his feet and make a dangerous decision. Although, it seems that the move will be one that he won’t regret, as he will be willing to do anything to save his skin from the lady boss. Does that mean he will be asking for trouble from Sonny? Stay tuned to find out!

The upcoming General Hospital episodes will offer a treat for Sprina fans! Trina and Spencer will indulge in some romantic moments. But unfortunately, they will get interrupted by some baby Ace-related emergency. Lately, something will lead to causing a stir between Esme and Spencer and the two will be at each other’s throats. Thankfully, Laura will be around to intervene and put them both into their places. However, Spencer won’t be able to stay calm for too long, and his rage will explode later at someone. But upon whom? Esme or Dex? Catch up on the upcoming episodes to find out!

Liz Receives A Surprise Invitation, Curtis Confronts Jordan

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Liz will receive an unexpected but extremely intriguing invitation during the week of June 26-30, 2023. Could this have something to do with spending some time with Hamilton Finn? We guess we’ll have to wait and find out. Meanwhile, Dante and Sam will also share some romantic moments in each other’s company. So viewers can expect some steam rising between them in the upcoming episodes.

Curtis will discover Zeke and Jordan shared a bed on General Hospital later in the week. He will also discover that Jordan told Zeke the secret of the kiss. This will cause some friction between him and Portia if it is revealed. Curtis will therefore question Jordan about why she told Zeke the secret. Other GH teasers hint that Jordan and Zeke will continue to be intertwined despite the difficulties. Does this imply that there might be a long-term relationship between the two just waiting to begin? Watch General Hospital on ABC on weekdays to learn more!


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