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GH Recap: Curtis Ashford And Chase Can’t Forgive Their Women

The General Hospital recap features Curtis Ashford sticking to his guns and Chase getting another surprise from Brook Lynn.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Portia begged for Curtis’s forgiveness but it was a no-go while Brook Lynn confessed to Chase her latest deal with Linc. Alexis lamented to Diane that she thinks Gregory is an alcoholic as Gregory hid his health conditions from Finn. Elizabeth worried about her job but also worried about Epiphany. Nina also worried about Sonny but grew concerned with Jordan. Finally, Esme told Laura and Spencer exactly what she wanted and she got it. Now let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

General Hospital Recap: Curtis Ashford Won’t Relent

Trina (Tabyana Ali) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) ran into one another outside Kelly’s, and both had to confess that they weren’t sure how to talk to one another. Curtis was surprised to hear that Trina has barely spoken to Portia, and both said they just couldn’t seem to forgive her for her lies. They both realized they were blindsided by Portia. The two had a very good talk and admitted that they missed one another as they hugged.

When Portia appeared, she was pleased by what she saw, but Trina decided to make a quick run for it and leave Portia and Curtis alone. Portia tried to get Curtis to talk about Marshall, but Curtis refused and told her that Marshall would tell her about his own business. Portia then made another appeal for forgiveness, but Curtis just wasn’t ready because their trust had been broken. Portia pleaded for Curtis to give them a chance, but to no avail, as she stood there in tears and watched him walk away.

At Charlie’s, Jordan (Tanisha Harper) approached Nina (Cynthia Watros), and she feared something had happened to Sonny. This confused Jordan, but Nina admitted she had just overreacted. Oddly enough, she asked Jordan to sit and have a drink with her, and all Jordan wanted to do was talk about Curtis and make sure he was doing all right.

Nina tried to be diplomatic and told Jordan that Curtis had been both angry and sad since Portia’s secret came out. Jordan then surprised Nina and told her that she already suspected that Trina could be Curtis’s daughter. Nina told Jordan the truth — it wasn’t her job to tell Curtis what happened. After Nina questioned Jordan about dating again, Jordan admitted that she was too hurt after her marriage to Curtis ended to even think about it.

After Nina left, Curtis showed up for a drink and quickly spotted Jordan. Are these two ready to have another long talk?

GH Recap: Alexis Pried Again, Brook Lynn Confesssed

Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) arrived at Alexis’s (Nancy Lee Grahn) office for their dinner plans, but Alexis had been so distracted that she forgot. Diane didn’t buy her excuses about work and wanted to know what was going on. Alexis told her about her latest encounters with Gregory (Gregory Harrison) and how confused she was by his actions. She was still stuck on the idea that Gregory has a drinking problem due to the slurred words and his little stumble at the table.

Alexis insisted Gregory had been hiding something for ages, but Diane reminded her that she was just speculating and anything might be happening. Alexis admitted that she missed having Gregory around to be her journalistic mentor and as her friend. Diane still told Alexis she needed to mind her own business and let Gregory tell her himself what has been going on.


Gregory was at the nurses’ station looking to get a sooner appointment with his doctor when Finn (Michael Easton) found him there. Gregory quickly covered and pretended to be there to support Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) as the board made her decision.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth was a nervous wreck that she might lose her job, but Portia (Brook Kerr) insisted that she went to bat for her friend the best she could. Liz was also alarmed that Epiphany (Sonya Eddy) never sent in a letter of support, and not having Epiphany vouching for her could do her in. Portia and Terry (Cassandra James) explained that perhaps Epiphany was too busy with her medical school tour at Johns Hopkins.

Terry soon went in to see the ethics committee, and Elizabeth thanked Gregory and Finn for being there for her. After she walked away, Finn told Gregory he was trying to be a different man for Elizabeth and listen to her rather than tell her what to do. Too bad that’s just when Alexis called Finn, angering Gregory. He stormed into her office and demanded to know why she brought one of his sons into this.

GH Recap: Chase and Brook Lynn Really Talk

Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) couldn’t believe her ears when Chase (Josh Swickard) told her how much he missed being with her, but she worried that it was Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) who convinced him to try to forgive her. Chase had to admit he could never stop thinking about her and just wanted her back. Brook Lynn felt she had to come clean and tell him about the latest contract she signed with Linc (Dan Buran) to get her songs back.

Chase was once again furious and couldn’t believe that BLQ sold out like that, so it looks like we’re back to square one with Chase’s never-ending anger.

General Hospital Recap: Esme Has A New Home

Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) was surprised to see Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and Laura (Genie Francis) at Spring Ridge but wanted Spencer to leave right away. Laura told her that she had some good news for her, and Esme couldn’t believe that she would be set free soon. Esme decided she wasn’t going anywhere because she doesn’t know life outside GH or Spring Ridge. Laura assured her she would be there for her, and Spencer told her he was going to pay for a room for her above Kelly’s.

After learning she couldn’t have Ace in her room, Laura offered for the baby to live with her, but Esme wasn’t having it. Ace would go wherever Esme would go, and that was that. Apparently, Ace and Esme went right back to Laura’s place where Spencer is now living because Trina was surprised when she showed up to find Esme and her baby happy about their new digs.


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