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GH Recap: Nina Reeves Fears Carly Is Better At Being Married To The Mob

The GH recap for Friday, March 17, 2023, has Nina questioning everything.

The General Hospital Recap features Nina Reeves wondering if she is cut out for mafia life.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Nina had a long catch-up talk with Phyllis as Sonny informed Carly what happened at the warehouse the night before. Joss also had questions for Dex about why he was staying with Sonny. Laura stopped by the safe house to give an update on Victor and Lucy used it as a chance to do something daring. Meanwhile, Victor got news from the doctor and Eileen. Also, Diane had a long talk with Robert and convinced him to see things her way. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

Nina Reeves, Carly, And Joss Have Some Worries

Nina (Cynthia Watros) assured Maxie she will do anything to help her with the Nurses Ball, but when she hung up the phone, all she could think about was Sonny’s shootout trouble. Thankfully, Phyllis (Joyce Guy) showed up at her door to distract her after being out of town for a while. The two women caught up, and Phyllis learned all about what was happening with Willow.

When Phyllis said she could at least count on Sonny, she was surprised to hear that Nina was re-evaluating parts of their relationship because she was not sure she can separate Sonny’s job from the man. She wanted to believe he was like the Mike she met in Nixon Falls, and now that didn’t seem to be true. Phyllis then asked Nina if she was sure this relationship was sustainable. Nina admitted she wasn’t sure she could live her life in constant danger and wondered if Carly was better at this life than she was.

Carly (Laura Wright) brought Donna over to Sonny’s (Maurice Benard), and Carly was curious when he said he wasn’t expecting them as well as the added security detail. When Carly noticed Dex (Evan Hofer) was staying there, she privately asked Sonny what was really going on. Sonny told her Dex was only there because he was watching over the younger man, and then he confessed to her about the shooting incident the night before. Carly confessed that she was worried about him, and Sonny reassured her he would take care of things.

Dex left Sonny’s to go back to his apartment and took out his gun when he realized someone was there. In the end, that someone was Josslyn (Eden McCoy), and she had as many questions as Carly. Joss was shocked and horrified to learn about the shooting as he explained why he felt he needed to still stay at Sonny’s. Joss was satisfied when she saw his wound was healing well but dismayed when Dex explained she should be grateful to Sonny for making sure he was okay.

GH Recap: Laura Pays A Visit, Lucy Bolts

Lucy’s (Lynn Herring) day started with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) beating her at chess, which doesn’t make her happy at all. Soon, Laura (Genie Francis) arrived and Lucy couldn’t wait to ask her when she will be free again. Laura just said she was there to give an update on Victor and explained how angry Victor was the night before at the Metro Court. She also delicately explained to Valentin that Victor is having some medical issues that might make him feel like a less powerful man.


It turned out Lucy didn’t care about any of that. She just wanted to discuss the Nurses Ball. Laura tried to assure her that Maxie (Kirsten Storms) had it all under control, but Lucy didn’t buy it. Nobody can do the Nurses Ball like her and she was determined to be free soon. A frustrated Valentin told her to just sit tight because she had no choice — but all Lucy did was blow a raspberry in his face. At least Laura was able to distract Lucy by giving her a letter from Martin.

Once alone, Laura and Valentin had a chat, and Valentin told her not to bring Charlotte to visit for her own sake. They had a good talk, and he thanked her for help as they realized that they were actually getting along. However, they have a common goal, and that is bringing down Victor no matter what. Too bad they didn’t notice Lucy escape so she could show up at the Metro Court looking like her former mousy librarian persona.

General Hospital Recap: Freeing Esme, Bringing Down Victor

Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) arrived at Robert’s (Tristan Rogers) office while he was trying to get Eileen (Heather Mazur) to go along with his plans. She pitched her offer as something that will make his life easier as Eileen took a peek at one of his files and took some photos. She then texted Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) and told him they needed to meet.

Meanwhile, Robert heard Diane out, and she asked him to drop the charges against Esme on Trina’s behalf. Diane explained that the jury might feel sympathetic towards Esme and acquit her due to her Rapunzel experience, her amnesia, and being a new mother. Robert wasn’t convinced this was a good idea, but Diane explained she wanted Esme behind bars as much as anyone. Robert eventually realized that this was a good idea because they could still charge her later — and keep their eyes on her. They then decided to spend some time at the ax bar working off their frustrations.

As for Victor, he decided to get a second opinion about his little performance problem, and the new doctor gave him the same prognosis as Finn (Michael Easton). His condition seemed to be irreversible, but the doctor agreed to give him some meds anyway, and he hoped they would work.

Soon, Eileen arrived and told him that Laura and Robert might suspect she was working with him. She did manage to make him happy when she showed him info from Robert’s files. Victor was thrilled to hear that the necklace still existed and it was right in Port Charles with Robert. Eileen even told him where she believed Robert was keeping the necklace, but she was horrified when Victor said it was her job to get the jewels out of the Port Charles Police Department. He also wondered if Holly (Emma Samms) may have tipped Robert off to the fact that Victor really wanted to get his hands on those diamonds.


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