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GH Spoilers (April 24- May 05, 2023): Michael-Willow Finally Get MARRIED! Trina & Spencer Land In NEW DANGER

The release of General Hospital Spoilers for the upcoming two weeks has us licking our lips in anticipation of what lies ahead. Spencer and Trina will experience extreme fear the week of April 24, 2023, as The Haunted Star touches down. Victor will be prepared to launch the following stage of his strategy. Will Spencer, Trina, and Liesl be able to survive? Curtis, Drew, and Laura will consult Robert about a map once they return to Port Charles. Ethan will provide Holly with important information in the meanwhile. Sonny will be conflicted about going to the event without Nina in other places. What will Nina’s response be? To learn more, continue reading TV Season & Spoilers!

Moving into the week of May 1-5, 2023, Victor and Liesl will have an argument on The Haunted Star, could that have something to do with Spencer and Trina’s fate? By this time, Holly, Felicia, and Laura will also be making some moves of their own against Victor. Meanwhile, Willow will make a shocking discovery that could lead to conflict with Michael. Could it be about his plan to take down Sonny on General Hospital? This week could also prove instrumental in changing the dynamics between Nina and Willow. Meanwhile, Liz and Portia will receive word from The Haunted Star! Stay tuned to find out what’s it all about.

General Hospital Spoilers For The Week Of April 24-28: Victor Questions Liesl, PC Residents Discuss A Map To Victor

On General Hospital, we previously observed that Liesl is doing everything in her power to stall the vaccine Victor needs from her in order to prevent the spread of his illness. Victor will start to question Liesl’s motives the week of April 24-28, 2023, and confront her. Liesl will attempt to sidestep him by arguing that developing a vaccine is a difficult process and has the potential to lose effectiveness if rushed. As The Haunted Star lands down and Victor moves one step closer to releasing the Pathogen, Spencer and Trina’s anxiety will begin to reach new heights.

Back in Port Charles, Curtis, Drew, and Laura will approach Robert with a map. The four of them will discuss the map and try to create a route of it that could lead them to where Victor is headed. Will they be able to find the correct path to The Haunted Star? Moreover, will they be able to find it in time to be able to rescue Liesl, Spencer, Trina, and Ace from Victor? Perhaps they will get some more clues from another team that’s working toward a Victor Cassadine takedown. But who is it? Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out!

Sonny Torn Over Attending Wedding Without Nina, Ethan Gives Holly Key Information

General Hospital Spoilers For The Week Of April 24-28, 2023, tease that Willow finally convinced Michael to invite Sonny to their wedding. However, she left her mother, Nina, out of the guest list. Sonny will be somber over the idea of attending Michael and Willow’s wedding without his lady love. But Nina will put up a brave front and encourage Sonny to attend the wedding and embrace the invitation with an open heart. Although she would still want to attend her daughter’s wedding. Are we about to see her gatecrash Willow and Michael’s wedding? Or is she planning something worse?


Ava will give a stern warning to Nina in the upcoming episodes, so she is definitely up to something shady. General Hospital spoilers tease that it could also have something to do with exposing Carly for insider trading. On the other hand, Holly and Ethan are on their way back to Port Charles after a successful rescue mission. Ethan will fill Holly in on his time in Victor’s captivity. However, it will get all the more interesting when he will offer his mother some key information he collected in captivity. Will it prove helpful in tracing the evil Cassadine’s whereabouts? Stay tuned to find out!

General Hospital Spoilers For The Week Of May 01-05: Willow Makes Shocking Discovery, Trina Spencer To Be LAB RATS

Michael has proven himself to be a loving and supporting partner to Willow. He is doing his best to fulfill every single wish of hers. However, he is harboring a huge and dark secret from his bride-to-be. General Hospital spoilers tease that in the week of May 01, 2023, Willow will make a shocking discovery

that would create conflict between her and Michael. Will she finally find out about Michael’s plan with Dex Heller to takedown Sonny for good? Or could it be something else that has not been hinted at before?

General Hospital Spoilers For The Week Of May 01-05, 2023, reveal that Victor will start to grow impatient by Liesl’s stalling. He will confront her over the delay. However, Liesl will stand her ground that creating a vaccine takes time. Moreover, to buy some time, she will offer to use Spencer and Trina as subjects for her vaccine trial. The young duo will be hit by a new wave of terror when they learn that they are about to be used as LAB RATS! Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, Holly will storm into Robert and Diane’s romantic moment and demand his attention for some info she has. Will they be able to find and stop Victor before he releases the pathogen?

On the other hand, Liz and Portia will receive some information from The Haunted Star. However, it will be an unclear message, and the confusion over it will leave them baffled. Meanwhile, Laura will be in fear when she chances upon the syringes that may have been used to inject something into Spencer and Trina. Stay tuned to the upcoming episodes of General Hospital to find out more!


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