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GH Spoilers: Curtis Fights For His Life, Is Donnell Turner Leaving The Soap?

Following being shot, Curtis is reportedly fighting for his life, according to ‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers. He hasn’t had a particularly good life for a while now.

After learning that his wife Portia had been hiding the paternity from him, he took some time to collect himself. Another tragedy occurred after he was reunited with Trina, his wife and daughter. Will Curtis ever have the opportunity to relax with his family? More significantly, is Donnell Turner, who plays the character, departing the program?

Tragedy at Metro Court

In a recent episode of “General Hospital,” Curtis was shot in the Metro Court pool, which was the scene of a brutal shooting. The shooter and the person who gave the order have not yet been found, but Dante speculated that Anna or Sonny might have been the intended victims.

Curtis was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he is fighting for his life. GH spoilers tease that TJ might assist with the surgery. As per recent episodes, the doctors said that Curtis had been stabilized but is still unconscious.

The doctor also told his family that the bullet is lodged against his spine, so he requires a complicated surgery. Fans cannot help but wonder who is behind the shooting and if Curtis will make it. He has so much to live for on General Hospital, and it would be wrong losing his life now.


Is Curtis Being Written Off?

Are the producers of ‘General Hospital’ trying to write off Curtis from the storyline. That would mean the actor, Donnel Turner is leaving the show? We know that the producers have been tight-lipped upon Curtis’ future in Port Charles, but neither the actor nor the producers have mentioned his exit.

But why target him for the shooting? After all the paternity and secret kiss drama, maybe it’s a clever way to start again for him and his wife!

It won’t make sense to end Curtis’ involvement in the show because he is a focal point of multiple stories. Additionally, according to certain theories, he may have actually been the intended victim of the gunshot. That just indicates that a new plot is being developed.


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