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GH Spoilers: Family Comes Together For Willow, But Carly Is Tested When Nina’s Latest Strike Is Revealed

According to General Hospital teasers, Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) will spend some time groveling at Carly Spencer’s (Laura Wright) feet in an effort to persuade her to accept a truce. Nina has been lying and plotting for far too long without suffering any serious repercussions.

She must understand that her luck is fizzling. Nina may have finally gone too far by adopting Carly’s persona and taking on her responsibilities as co-owner of the Metro Court Hotel. Katelyn MacMullen’s character Willow Corinthos is hoping they’ll both take her request seriously and work to keep things private. Willow is unaware that Nina has already delivered another blow. Her house of cards will undoubtedly fall when they figure it out. How is she going to clean this up before it explodes?

Nina Reeves Never Listens

After relentlessly pursuing Carly and causing a plethora of drama, Nina has reached her lowest point yet. It’s a testament to how desperate she is that she’s actually turning to her number one enemy for help.

Recently, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) attempted to give Nina some wise counsel, but did she even pay attention? It’s nice to be told to take a moment to reflect, but does Nina actually know how to do that?

It has never appeared that way when Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) or his ex-girlfriend, Ava Jerome Cassadine (Maura West), gave her advice.

If she were capable of doing so, she would not have informed the SEC about Carly and Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison). On the plus side, it appears like Nina will enlist Carly’s assistance, but only until Carly realizes Nina was really behind everything.

Hint Carly Spencer Could Come Around

So the woman who was so determined to take down Carly is now groveling at her feet begging for help. Irony at its finest, isn’t it? Still, Nina isn’t exactly done hoping Carly is ruined.


She just doesn’t want to get caught for what she’s done, and she wants to honor Willow’s wishes. But she’s not doing this to prove she’s willing to do anything for her daughter.

She’s doing it knowing that she has to, because if Carly backs down and Nina doesn’t, then Willow will certainly ice her out.

Still, desperation can lead us to do some pretty crazy things, and Nina’s need to get closer to Willow seems to be driving her straight into Carly’s arms.

Will Carly take pleasure in telling Nina to buzz off? Might she see the gravity of the situation and lend a helping hand to her fellow grandmother?

The Truth Comes Out

With every leaf Sonny uncovers in his investigation into who leaked information about Drew and Carly to the SEC, Nina will be terrified that it will disclose her involvement in the case.

Sonny is aware that on the day the information was received, Nina was chatting with her lawyer, Martin “Marty” Grey (Michael E. Knight). It won’t take him long to assume Nina’s complicity if he finds out Marty was the one who broke the news.

There is only one thing we need to know: will Sonny go to Nina first on his own, or will he go to Carly first and run to her with the news? Watch this space for upcoming General Hospital news and spoilers.


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