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GH Spoilers For July 3, 2023: Sam And Carly Bond, Drew Is WARNED

According to General Hospital spoilers for July 3, 2023, two people can get close if they are experiencing the same joy or pain. Cody will get into trouble on Monday, but he will also resolve the jewelry theft issue. Then, Willow Corinthos will be as content as ever, and you can find out why by reading TV Season & Spoilers. Additionally, it appears that Monday’s episode will take some exciting turns when Sonny offers Drew some advice! To learn all about it, continue reading.

Cody Lands In A Pickle

In the latest General Hospital episode, Sasha tells Gladys that she is doing fine with her mental health. With Gladys, Gilmore will stay assertive about taking over her life and be independent. Sasha will try to convince Gladys that she is now capable of doing things on her own. She will also say that she is now very alert and mindful about what she is doing. She will strongly asks Gladys to end the guardianship. But Gladys will freak out that if she ends it, she might lose control over her finances.

Further, On July 3, 2023 episode, Cody will agree to meet Scott Baldwin to discuss suing WSB for destroying the Ice Princess necklace. That necklace belonged to Leopold Taub, and Scott thinks Cody has rights on the necklace as he thinks he is Taub’s son. Little does he know that Cody is Mac Scorpio’s son. Do you think Scott will realize the truth, which will put Cody on the spot? (or) Will Cody slide through his wicked plans to prove that he’s Taub’s son? Meanwhile, at the PCPD, Mac Scorpio will tell Dante Falconeri that he came across a file on his desk which will raise suspicions. So, could it be the files which might push Cody to the bars?

General Hospital: Willow Gets Some Good News

Next, on General Hospital, Willow had a bone marrow transplant a little time ago. Following the surgery, Willow was kept in observation for weeks in the hospital. She is staying in the hospital with a few visitors now and then. Hence, Willow will start to feel lonely and bored. Michael is trying his best to hop between home and the hospital.


Now, TJ Ashford will come with news in the July 3rd episode. Although at first, Willow and Michael will get nervous, it will be great news for them. Willow’s doctor TJ Ashford will inform them that the bone marrow transplant was a success and that she can go home soon. Finally! Willow will be out of the enclosure after a long time and breathe freely.

Sam And Carly Bond Over Drew

General Hospital spoilers state that later in the episode Sam runs into Carly and comforts her while she is crying about Drew’s incarceration. Sam will strive to help Carly and acknowledge that Drew is capable of making his own decisions. Carly will cry when she hears Sam McCall offer consoling words, which will increase the bond between Sam and Carly. Due to their shared grief, they may decide to assist one another.

Meanwhile, Sonny Corinthos advised Drew to be alert during his stay in Pentonville. Hence, Drew might stick to that decision. But General Hospital fans know that a bad guy is waiting for Drew’s arrival, and it is none other than Cyrus Renault. In Monday’s preview clip, Cyrus says to Drew that his place is with them. Looks like Cyrus will plot some plans to invite Drew to his alliance in prison. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers to find out what twists awaits Drew in prison. Tune in to ABC channel for General Hospital episodes from Monday to Friday. TV Season & Spoilers will keep you updated with all General Hospital spoilers. Be sure to check back.


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