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GH Spoilers May 3 2023: Sonny’s Return- Will He Save Carly And Reconcile With Michael?

Especially since Carly’s arrest, General Hospital on ABC has been experiencing a lot of drama and suspense. Michael has been working hard to save Carly because he is determined to find a way to show her innocence. Sonny has sent someone to look into the situation in the interim, demonstrating his care for Carly.

But is it because of his previous feelings for her or genuine care? In this article, we will discuss the latest General Hospital spoilers, including Sonny’s return, his relationship with Carly, and his reconciliation with Michael.

Sonny’s Role in Carly’s Arrest

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Michael is in a challenging situation as a result of Carly’s arrest. He is aware that Carly will be detained if her innocence is not established. Although Sonny has already sent someone to look into the case, Michael is adamant about finding the mastermind behind the plot.

When Michael confronts Sonny, he is surprised to find out that Sonny is already aware of the situation. Sonny offers to help by providing a lawyer for Carly, which makes people wonder if Sonny still has feelings for Carly.

Sonny’s Help and Motives

Sonny’s sudden interest in Carly’s case has raised many questions. Is he helping because of his genuine concern for Carly, or does he still have feelings for her? General Hospital spoilers suggest that Sonny’s motives might not be clear.

While he is helping the family, Michael still hates Sonny, and Willow is angry at Michael’s attitude. Willow warns Michael to stop being so selfish and domineering and reconcile with Sonny for the sake of the family’s peace and happiness.

Michael’s Hatred Towards Sonny

Michael has long been opposed to Sonny’s company and way of life, thus his dislike of him is nothing new. But following Sonny’s disappearance, Michael changed his mind and started to view Sonny differently.


But Michael’s old resentments resurfaced when Sonny came back and began aiding Carly. According to General Hospital spoilers, Michael’s self-centered attitudes may destroy any hope of a reunion with Sonny.

Willow’s Attempt at Reconciliation

Willow’s attempt to reconcile Michael and Sonny seems to have failed, as Michael’s stubbornness continues to create tension in the family.

Willow wants to have a peaceful and happy family, especially since she is still not successfully treated and could die at any time. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Willow might give up trying to reconcile the two and let them sort out their issues on their own.

Brick’s Return and Its Impact

Brick’s return to General Hospital will add more suspense to the storyline. Brick is known to be close to Sonny and often in charge of his investigations.

However, any chance of a reconciliation between them would be destroyed if he learns that Michael is working against Sonny. According to General Hospital spoilers, if Sonny learns the truth, he might punish Michael, making Willow’s efforts at reconciliation ineffective.

Closing Words

General Hospital fans are eagerly waiting to see how the storyline unfolds, especially after Sonny’s return and his involvement in Carly’s arrest.

Will Sonny be able to save Carly, reconcile with Michael, and bring peace to the family? Or will Michael’s stubbornness and hatred ruin any chance of reconciliation? Only time will tell, and fans will have to keep watching General Hospital to find out what will happen next.


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