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GH Spoilers: Molly And TJ’s Surrogate Andrea’s SHOCKING LIE About Miscarriage To Keep The Baby For Herself

According to General Hospital teasers, Andrea Gates (Lily Anne Harrison), the surrogate for T.J. Ashford (Tajh Bellow) and Molly Lansing Davis (Kristen Vaganos), is lying about having a miscarriage in order to keep the child for herself.

Let’s be honest. It was simply plain strange how Andrea broke the news that she had miscarried.

Andrea Should Have Told Molly and TJ Together

The surrogate stated that she went to the hospital the previous evening to check on herself after experiencing mild pains and bleeding. She is said to have found out about her miscarriage at that time.

Andrea decided to go straight to TJ and let him tell his partner the news, rather than telling Molly and TJ together.

Why didn’t Molly think it was odd that Andrea didn’t tell her as well? Any woman would wonder why her surrogate wouldn’t come to her if there were an issue with the baby.

Also, she was adamant that she should not try to have another baby. It is suspicious that she wouldn’t have tried to set up a time where she could tell them at the appropriate time and place- at their house together.

Andrea just showed up at the hospital and asked to speak to TJ in private. She said the miscarriage had happened that morning. It didn’t make any sense. The show also made it a point to have Molly and TJ immediately tell their whole family the news about the baby.

Most people like to wait until after their first trimester to make the announcement. It looked too good to be true for the couple, who seemed to have found the world’s most perfect surrogate. She even got pregnant on her first try.


Andrea Must Be Lying

It’s also rather suspect that Andrea went to a different hospital entirely to be told she had a miscarriage. Why wouldn’t she go to General Hospital?

All the characters come to GH when they need to be treated. Something is missing with this storyline, and it’s the rest of the story!

It doesn’t seem likely that it would end here. Andrea must be lying and trying to keep the baby because that would infuse the most drama.

It’s also unusual for the soap to have Andrea miscarry offscreen. We, the viewers, did not witness it occur.

Andrea may want the baby for herself, and they may also set things up to have Kristina-Corinthos Davis (Kate Mansi) become the surrogate for Molly and TJ.

After all, having someone they already know and trust to have their child would be much better for them.

They may reconsider after they see that Kristina might be their best alternative, even though they had already concluded it wasn’t a good circumstance.

Perhaps the show is getting ready for a greater plot in the future. If Kristina is chosen to be the next baby’s surrogate, in years to come Molly and TJ’s child may appear out of nowhere and ask to meet their parents.

It would be prudent for GH to return to Kristina as the surrogate, even though we have no idea where this plot is going.


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