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GH Spoilers: Ned’s Memory Flashes Begin – Leo’s Crisis Pulls ‘Eddie’ Back Toward Reality?

According to General Hospital (GH) teasers, Ned Quartermaine, a.k.a. “Eddie Maine” (Wally Kurth), will have to make a choice during the week of July 17–21. Even though Leo Quartermaine (Easton Rocket Sweda) is already struggling to deal with the entire “Eddie” predicament, things are only going to get worse.

Leo will reportedly start acting up in the upcoming weeks because he misses his adoptive dad, according to GH teasers. Leo will suffer now that Ned is living somewhere else and has virtually abandoned him since he requires routines and familiarity.

Of course, it’s not Ned’s fault since he has a traumatic brain injury, but it’s not Leo’s fault either. This is just an unfortunate set of circumstances that’s left Leo in limbo and in desperate need of some comfort.

Unfortunately, “Eddie” may be the only one who can give that comfort once Leo spirals out of control.

It seems Leo will be inconsolable during a meltdown that scares Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton), so she’ll rely on Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) for help.

Chase will go off in search of “Eddie,” who’ll probably be somewhere in Port Charles trying to get his music career going.

“Eddie” may be frustrated over Chase’s interruption and insist Leo isn’t his problem, but it looks like the good detective will ultimately convince him to step up.

Naturally, it could be pretty awkward for “Eddie” to talk to Leo since he doesn’t recall how to be a father and doesn’t remember Leo either.

Even so, just having Ned around could be helpful for Leo since Brook Lynn will breathe a sigh of relief and will thank Chase for his assistance.


Once “Eddie” hangs out with Leo for a while, could it spark some memory flashes? It’d be interesting if Ned’s memory started coming back to him in bits and pieces.

The more time “Eddie” spends around the Quartermaines, the more likely it becomes that he’ll remember some puzzle pieces about Ned’s true past.

That’d be a great way to leave Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) on edge as Ned’s memory slowly comes back to him.

Nina would have to worry about how much Ned would remember and if the SEC tipoff secret would be the next memory to flash through his mind.

“Eddie” might become torn between the rockstar persona he’s trying to keep up and the pull he starts to feel toward the Quartermaines.

All of this could pave the way for eventual entire recollection, but in the meanwhile, “Eddie” might be shaken by certain memory flashbacks.

Nevertheless, it seems like “Eddie” would support Leo when it matters, which implies that the real Ned is still around and still cares!

Stay with us for updates on the touching scenes that are coming because General Hospital spoilers indicate that “Eddie” will respond to the news about Leo’s outburst and grudgingly save the day.


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