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GH Spoilers Speculation: Tracy Will Do This About Cody

Cody Bell has learned quickly to avoid Tracy.

GH spoilers teased that Cody thought he minded his own business, trying to help his good friend, Leo, when he simply suggested to Tracy a better way to handle things with the young boy. It blew up in his face.

GH Spoilers Speculation

Now he’s managed to get on Tracy’s (Jane Elliot) bad side because how dare he tell her something about her own grandson. Perish the thought! Never mind that she barely spent time with him, and Cody (Josh Kelly) is around him a lot. So, what should Tracy do about this awful man in her midst? Over 2,000 wannabe case workers think you know exactly what she will end up doing.

GH: You’re Fired

Only 2% predict that Tracy will make sure the younger man is fired and removed from the premises. She can’t have anyone thinking they can talk to her this way and get away with it! After all, others may witness it and think they can too, and she’ll lose all control.

GH Spoilers: Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Then there’s the 3% who speculate that she’ll find him to be better suited for her granddaughter than Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) current boyfriend, Chase (Josh Swickard), and will scheme to get the two together. This could be dicey, but as troublesome as the young man is, he’s a safer bet to have in the family than a cop.


General Hospital: Cougar Town

You’ve seen this love/hate before so 5% predict that Tracy will be turned on by the fact Cody isn’t intimidated by her. She is still in mourning over losing Luke (Tony Geary), and what better way to get over him than to get under someone else? Why should Monica (Leslie Charleson) be the only one who gets the chance to have a younger man romance her from time to time? Tracy deserves her own turn.

GH Spoilers: Move On

But, the overwhelming amount of 90% speculates that Tracy will need to leave Cody alone for the mere fact that Leo (Easton Rocket Sweda) adores the stablehand, and if she wants to prove what a loving grandmother she is, she will not rock his world by removing the man who makes him feel safe with the horses.


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