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GH Spoilers: Walt Willey Reveals Jackson Montgomery’s First Airdate In Port Charles

An All My Children (AMC) figure is likely to arrive in Port Charles, according to General Hospital (GH) teasers. Recently, it was announced that actor Walt Willey would return to GH this summer to reprise his AMC Jackson Montgomery role.

The lawyer’s visit to the small village will now have an official airdate.

Time To Set Your PVRs!

According to Mr. Willey’s Twitter account, Jackson Montgomery’s first airdate on the soap is Wednesday, July 12th.

So, what will bring him to town? There’s been some wild speculation among both GH and AMC fans.

As Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) once resided in Pine Vally, circa 2001 to 2003, many viewers wonder if he’s coming to Port Charles to dive into a storyline with the former superspy.

After all, she’s struggling with “what to do next” in her life now that she’s no longer with the WSB, and she’s still reeling from the DXV double agent secret coming out.


Could Montgomery swing in with a new employment option? Could he possibly also become a new love interest for Anna?

Then again, as Montgomery is a lawyer some believe that he may hop in to help someone with their legal woes.


There are plenty of “criminals” in the land of Port Chuckles that need saving, and one that is in dire need of assistance is Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) and potentially Carly Spencer (Laura Wright), too.

The possibilities for storylines are endless.

Some AMC Fraternization Could Occur

From 1987 through 2011, Willey portrayed Montgomery on All My Children. A couple of his former All My Children coworkers are also on General Hospital.

With actors like Michael E. Knight (Martin Grey, formerly Tad Martin from AMC), James Patrick Stuart (Valentin Cassdine, formerly Will Cortlandt from AMC), and Cameron Mathison (Drew Cain, formerly Ryan Lavery), wouldn’t it be intriguing to see him in scenes together?

Are you anticipating Jackson Montgomery’s debut on General Hospital? What, in your opinion, brings him to the area? Post your comments in the space provided below.


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