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GH Top Dog: Who Is Austin Gatlin-Holt And Mason’s Mob Boss?

Could it be someone on GH we already know?

Oh, yeah, the General Hospital story with Austin Gatlin-Holt and Mason is still going on. Mason still has a comatose Nikolas, right? And Mason is still holding something over Austin’s head, right? And Austin still has a mystery boss, right? Who might that mystery boss be, though?

General Hospital Polling

All this talk about Pine Valley has gotten 7% of fans to think about Anna’s (Finola Hughes) identical sister, Alex. She’s shady, right? And powerful? And connected to Faison (Anders Hove). She could be the one giving orders to Mason and Austin (Roger Howarth). Why not?

Austin Gatlin-Holt: A Finger in Every Pie

Selina (Lydia Look) is the badass of the hour, according to 23% of you. She is the obvious person when thinking of who could possibly put the fear of God into Austin and Mason. If she really is the one pulling the strings, then those two better get a move on and do whatever it is that Ms. Wu wants them to do. Not just because we want to see some forward momentum in this story but because we fear what will happen to them if they don’t.


GH Stranger Danger

It’s someone we don’t know, 33% predict. Someone super interesting and shocking and someone who’ll make us shriek with delight when we find out the answer. Right? Right??

Austin Gatlin-Holt: All in the Family

And the winner is, according to 37% of voters…Ava’s (Maura West) sister, Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker). Who else would want to get back at Ava so badly? Who else would use Nikolas to do it? And who else would reel in Austin?

Austin and Ava are the ones who thought they were hiding a dead Nik’s body, so Austin and Ava are the ones required to pay the penalty. Olivia may be after Ava, but why not reel in a Quartermaine while she’s at it? Oh, and Mason. He’s also along for the ride. Someone has to babysit Nikolas.


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