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Give General Hospital An A+: Should Ava Jerome And Austin Get Together?

Is this a GH match made in…hell?

Maura West and Roger Howarth already played former lovers on General Hospital. At the time, she was still Ava Jerome, but he was Franco. (This was after he was Todd.) Now, Howarth is Austin. The doctor who walked in on Ava right after she hit her husband over the head.

General Hospital Polling

Ava proclaimed Nikolas (Adam Huss) dead, and Austin helped Ava hide the body. Then it disappeared. Now we know that Nik is being kept alive. But Ava and Austin don’t. However, they have that secret between them. Is that a good enough reason to fall in love?

GH: Drop Dead

GH has got to quit it with the dead body bonding, 28% of you are fed up. They did it with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Finn (Michael Easton). That fizzled out. So why try it again with Ava and Austin? It’s obviously not the aphrodisiac the show seems to think it is.

Ava Jerome: Mess It Up

That would make Nik’s inevitable return messier, 32% of the audience is intrigued by the possibilities. We know Ava isn’t going to be happy to see Nik again. And we know Nik isn’t going to be happy about that whole she tried to kill him thing. Having Ava be in a relationship with the man who helped cover up his “murder” should only make Nik more cranky.


Go For It, General Hospital

But a winning 40% of voters want to throw caution to the win and yell for Ava and Austin to go for it! Why not? Neither has any better options. We’re still not sure what that Austin and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) thing was supposed to be. And Ava doesn’t have too great of a reputation in Port Charles. Besides, if Austin is in the mob like we all suspect, he’ll need Ava to either totally understand his lifestyle choices, or help him to get out of them.


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