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Haley Pullos’ Future On General Hospital In Jeopardy

The news of Haley Pullos’ DUI has put her future with General Hospital “in jeopardy.” The long-running soap opera actress who portrays Molly Lansing-Davis was detained in connection with a head-on collision that happened on a motorway in Los Angeles. Read on to discover more.

Star Ends Up In Head-On Collision

Back in April, Haley Pullos was found with tiny bottles of alcohol and marijuana edibles in her vehicle. Since the accident happened, she was replaced by Holiday Mia Kriegel.

However, her future on the show could come to an end. She wants to be invited back to the set, but ABC producers may not allow her. An insider told Radar Online that Haley’s future is now “in jeopardy” since the news of the wreck.

“No one was killed but it’s still horrible and she’s distraught,” the insider told Radar Online.

Haley Pullos promised her fans that she would return after her accident. She sent out a statement shortly after the crash happened. Yet, insiders are saying that her future “really remains to be seen.” She’s doing what she can to keep her role on the show.

Haley checked herself into the Malibu Detox and Residential Treatment Center soon after her accident. Given that it’s a five-star resort, it’s not your usual rehab. Living there costs $2,600 per week. Along with them, it offers excursions to the beach, horseback riding, a hot tub, gourmet meals, yoga, and off-site excursions.


Haley Pullos Not Taking DUI Seriously?

Some General Hospital fans have a feeling that Haley Pullos isn’t taking her DUI seriously. She ended up in a resort rather than rehab. Critics argue that she’s in denial over what caused her accident.

At the time, Haley was driving along the 134 Freeway in Pasadena when she turned onto oncoming traffic. She crashed into another vehicle.

The accident reportedly happened at 1:30 a.m. Pacific Time. TMZ obtained the photos and report from the accident. Haley explained to her fans that she will “need a little time to recover.” It looks like she’s enjoying her time away from the show just fine.

In recent months, General Hospital has been polluted. Recently, Tyler Christopher was detained for “public intoxication” after being discovered dozing off in an airport. In 2019, he took part in a comparable occurrence. What do you think about Haley Pullos joining the daytime soap again? Do you believe she ought to? Comment here and share your thoughts. For more General Hospital news and spoilers, check back frequently.


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