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Hidden General Hospital Agenda: Why Zeke Robinson Is Really Back

He’s got Curtis, Portia, and Jordan in his GH sights.

The last time Zeke Robinson showed up on General Hospital for his sister’s wedding, Portia begged her brother not to tell their parents about Trina’s paternity mess. And now Zeke is back just as the truth has come out about Curtis fathering Trina. Coincidence? We Think not. We think Zeke is up to something. The question is what…and why?

General Hospital: Background Player

Portia (Brook Kerr) is a doctor. Portia and Zeke’s (Gavin Houston) dad is a doctor. Zeke, on the other hand, according to Trina (Tabyana Ali), “went his own way.” He’s a lawyer. Boo, hiss.

It’s kind of obvious the Robinson family dynamics are that Portia was the golden child and Zeke the outside. He clearly didn’t like that. So what if he decided it was time to prove to his parents — and his sister — that Portia wasn’t as perfect as they always thought?

GH: Switch-A-Roo

Portia didn’t want her parents to know that Curtis (Donnell Turner) could be Trina’s father. They would be so disappointed in her if that were true. So what if Zeke decided to make it true? Everyone knows the first soap opera paternity test is never right. So viewers aren’t as convinced as Portia and Trina that they’re a brand new family. We viewers suspect someone switched the results. Maybe it was Zeke?


Zeke Robinson: General Hospital Troublemaker

Zeke wanted to make Portia look bad. But he could also be out to make Curtis look bad, too. Zeke is a lawyer, right? What if he’s looking into the criminal activities going on in the back room of Curtis’s club? What if he didn’t switch the paternity results, but he is here to investigate Curtis? And who better to use in that plot than Jordan (Tanisha Harper)?

There is obviously more to Zeke than meets the eye. And we can’t wait to find out what that is.


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