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Is An Ava Jerome And Nikolas Reunion In The General Hospital Cards?

What role will Ace play in a GH reunion?

Nikolas is back on General Hospital and, at the moment, he is focused primarily on the son he has yet to seriously mess up — Ace. But, there’s still Ava Jerome. Sure, they were divorced at the time of his “death.” And, sure, Ava, played a major part in his “death.” But, there was still a lot of unfinished business between them. As in the romantic kind. Could they be drifting back towards each other?

Ava Jerome: No Way Out

It wasn’t only that Nik (Adam Huss) knocked up a teenager. It wasn’t only that Nik then held that pregnant teenager prisoner. It was that a furious Ava (Maura West) hit Nik over the head hard enough to believe she killed him — and then hid his body. Until it disappeared. So, what we are saying here is that too much has gone down for these two to ever see each other in a good light again.

Made for Each Other

On the other hand, these two kind of knew who they were when they first tied the knot. Sure, they had ulterior motives. But, they weren’t clueless about each other’s faults. And, they were into it anyway. Ava knows Nik has trouble with fidelity. And the truth. And the truth about fidelity.

Nik knows Ava can’t stay away from crime. And, covering up the crime. Which is often another crime. So, if he can deal with that about her, and she can deal with that about him, then why not continue being criminal liars and cheaters together? Only the good die young, after all….

Take Your Time

Either one of those things could happen. But not now. Down the line. They need to get to know each other again. Then they can decide if this marriage (or divorce) can be saved. And, we can watch the whole process all over again


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