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Is Anthony Leaving Blue Bloods Forever? Erin Reagan’s Changes Spark Concern Among Fans

Anthony Abetermarco (played by Steve Schirippa) is a popular character in Blue Bloods – and one fans are desperate not to see leave after a recent episode of the show.

The retired detective and now NYC District Attorney investigator is well thought of by the Reagan family and has always been a confidante for Erin.

But with the only daughter of Frank Reagan now looking to progress through the ranks in the District Attorney’s office, she approached Bobbi Gallo (Alison Fraser) asking for endorsement.

And this was where fans became concerned. Bobbi said she’ll only consent to support Erin in the race for the District Attorney’s office if the latter sacks Anthony – who Bobbi mistrusts.

Viewers know that Erin is ambitious and many of them took to social media to vent their frustration at the possibility of Anthony leaving the show; fears that were compounded by Abetermarco’s offer to move to another office.

Of course, Anthony moving offices wouldn’t necessarily mean Steve Schirippa leaving the show. But it would severely limit his screen time. And it would fundamentally change his relationship with Erin.

While there has never really been any suggestion of the two being romantically involved, they are close friends who confide in each other.

Erin having been elevated to District Attorney at the expense of her friendship with Anthony would be a huge blow to their relationship. Even if, at the time, he was happy to oblige.


Now, this twist might add a new layer to the show, with Erin, Anthony and the rest of the Reagan’s having to navigate this now precarious line.

We already know that Danny Reagan doesn’t view Anthony in the same positive light as some of his fellow family members, so there are issues to explore in that regard too.

So far, there has been no official word on Anthony’s future in the show. And to be fair, we don’t even know which way Erin will go. But the mere thought of a popular character leaving any show is enough to get fans talking.

This isn’t the first time Schirippa has played a fan favourite. As Bobby Bacala in The Sopranos, he was the amiable mobster who rose through the ranks to become captain over the course of the series.

And while he left that show early, he at least made it to the penultimate episode before being gunned down in a wonderfully constructed scene in a model train shop.

Blue Bloods fans will be hoping he sticks around as long as Anthony Abetermarco.


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