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Is It Time For Andre Maddox To Stay On General Hospital?

It was so nice to see Andre Maddox visit Anna Devane and talk with Jordan Ashford.

Andre Maddox lately walking through Anna’s General Hospital’s entrance was a welcome surprise. While he was there, he even had the chance to interact with his ex-girlfriend, the lonely Jordan, which made us wonder if it was time for him to return to Port Charles.

General Hospital Polling

Andre (Anthony Montgomery) had a passing flirtation with Anna (Finola Hughes), who is currently very much attached to Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). Of course, thanks to his father, Valentin may not be attached to this earthly plane much longer. Is it time for Andre to move back? Find out what fans had to say about that.

GH: Visitation Works


For 10% of you, these quick visits are working out just fine. You enjoy seeing Andre pop up from time to time to help move things along with whatever caper Anna and Valentin are working on, but she’s definitely taken so there’s nothing to see here for the good doc on a long-term basis.


General Hospital Needs Andre Maddox

Not so fast, claim another 24% of the audience. This show is about a hospital and surely a doctor can always come in handy. And he has spy tendencies to boot — what could be better? You say yes, it’s about time that Andre moves back to Port Charles and joins the General Hospital staff again. The town needs him.

GH: Renewed Interest

A whopping 66% are all-in on Andre’s return because there is one person in particular who needs him back in town and that’s all work and no play Jordan (Tanisha Harper). You saw that those sparks are still there between them and you’re tired of seeing this gorgeous lady all alone. Frankly, the fact that she is still single is the biggest crime happening in Port Charles! Come back, Andre, and fix that…STAT!


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