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Jag Bains Spotted With Reindeer Games Cast, Survivor 45 Finalists

Jag Bains continues to have fun following Big Brother 25.

The BB25 winner has been crisscrossing the country, spending time with many Big Brother alums and notable faces from other reality competition shows.

Jag has been very busy since he was crowned the $750,000 winner of Big Brother. He spent some time in California with other members of the BB25 cast, traveled home to Washington state, and continues to pop up on social media.

Jag even made plans to spend New Year’s Eve in Canada with Bowie Jane and Matt Klotz.

Some Big Brother fans thought Jag would be a part of the Big Brother: Reindeer Games cast, but the producers invited Cameron Hardin to take part.

But not being on Reindeer Games didn’t keep Jag from hanging out with other cast members.

Jag Bains and the Reindeer Games cast

“Chaotic vibes only,” reads the caption to a recent Instagram post from Jag.

The post features Jag hanging out in California with the Reindeer Games cast members.

The first photo features Jag posing with Josh Martinez, Cody Calafiore, and Xavier Prather. All four people have won Big Brother.

A dinner is featured later in that collage of pictures. People in it include Taylor Hale, Derek Xiao, Tiffany Mitchell, Josh, and Cameron from Reindeer Games. But the image also has Kyland Young (BB23), Blue Kim (BB25), Bowie Jane (BB25), and Reilly Smedley (BB25).



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Jag Bains attends the Survivor 45 watch party

To help celebrate Dee Valladares winning Survivor 45, Jag was on hand to hang out with the castaways.

Below is a picture that Dee shared on her Instagram Stories. It features her with Jag, shortly after she became the Survivor 45 winner.

Jake O’Kane also posed for a picture with Jag. Jake finished third place on Survivor 45, but he did win a Sia Award for his time in Fiji.

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