Knight’s Sad NCIS Season 22 Exit Is The Best Thing That Could Happen To Palmer

Jessica Knight pushing through with her departure in NCIS season 22 would be the best thing for Jimmy Palmer, considering everything that has happened to him. Despite a significantly shorter season, NCIS season 21 was jampacked. On top of its weekly cases, things were particularly rough for the majority of Alden Parker’s team. Nick Torres almost went to prison for a murder that he didn’t commit, Ducky Mallard, died, and Director Leon Vance was shot in the NCIS 1000th episode, among others. So at the end of the year, the procedural wrapped up with a pretty straightforward case.

In the NCIS season 21 finale, “Reef Madness,” Parker and his team responded to the discovery of several bodies aboard a ship that is about to be an artificial reef. Admittedly, it wasn’t compelling, almost not worthy to be a finale narrative. That said, it was what went down outside the official mystery that made the offering special. Aside from the NCIS season 21 finale introducing Parker’s mystery that revolves around the identity of Lily, Knight was faced with a big decision when she was offered her dream job that would take her out of the Major Case Response Team.

Palmer Gets A Proper Goodbye From Knight If She Leaves NCIS
NCIS Departures Have Been Particularly Cruel To Palmer.

Assuming that Knight really is leaving MCRT to take up Vance’s offer for her dream job at Camp Pendleton, it is the kindest thing to happen for Palmer in light of his recent experiences with NCIS departures. After years of being married to Breena, he lost her during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. To make the storyline so much more realistic, Palmer wasn’t even allowed to properly say goodbye to his wife, considering the circumstances. Losing Breena was followed by the abrupt departure of Ellie Bishop, who didn’t have a final conversation with him.


As he faces another MCRT exit, Knight being able to formally say goodbye to Palmer is the best thing to come out of this incredibly heartbreaking situation.

Not long after that, Leroy Jethro Gibbs decided to retire in Alaska, and while he was able to have a moment with his existing team at that point, Palmer didn’t have time with his former boss. A couple of seasons later in NCIS season 21, the same happened when Ducky died. As he faces another MCRT exit, Knight being able to formally say goodbye to Palmer is the best thing to come out of this incredibly heartbreaking situation.

While it won’t be easy, at least Palmer can get a clean break from this relationship, unlike the aforementioned NCIS exits.

Will Knight Really Leave NCIS In Season 22?
Katrina Law Remains Mum On The Matter.

Knight has already accepted Vance’s job offer, but it doesn’t guarantee that she is actually leaving. For context, NCIS has had several similar instances throughout its run. At one point, Vance even broke up Gibbs’ best NCIS team to get them back together the following summer break and a few episodes later. Katrina Law hasn’t given any indication that she is leaving, and there’s a wealth of stories left to tell with her, including her burgeoning romance with Palmer. So until NCIS season 22 sheds light on her real status, this may not be a true cause for concern.


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