NCIS: Hawai’i: 5 Things We Want To See In Season 3 (And 1 Thing We DON’T)

This much we know about NCIS: Hawai’i Season 3:

* LL Cool J will be a recurring guest star, reprising his role as NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Sam Hanna (who popped up in the Season 2 finale).

* Said new season will premiere Monday, Feb. 12 at 10/9c.

But outside of that — because the CBS procedural’s writers only recently returned to work following the 148-day WGA strike — what NCIS: Hawai’i has on tap for Season 3 is pretty much anybody’s guess.

So, until TVLine can serve up those first bona fide scoops, here’s a look at what we hope to see (and one thing we do not wish to be subject to) in the 10- to 13-episode season ahead.

WANT: Some overdue personal insight

Yes, we know that Jesse is a husband, and father of three… but we have yet to lay eyes on his wife, and have only met one kid (daughter Gracie).

Yes, we know that Lucy has several brothers… but what are they like? Are any of them bad eggs? And can we meet one, maybe?

Yes, we know that Ernie has a remarkable way with the ladies, but what is his background? And how dicey might his hacker past be?

In other words, while we’ve spent much time at home with Jane and her family, ditto Kai, it’s absolutely time to shed additional light on the rest of the NCIS team, where they came from, and what made them who they are today.

WANT: Happy Kai

Maybe we’re glossing over the occasional lighter moment/”bro”-ment, but across the first two seasons, Alex Tarrant’s Kai has had to deal with difficult issues involving his father, followed by longtime friend AJ Hale turning into a most fearsome adversary. (I mean, just look at the guy’s poor face above! It’s been a lot.) Season 3 should be a time for Kai to score some big wins at work, and maybe find some success on the romantic front, to boot.

WANT: Make the most of Sam’s visit

As fun as it was for TVLine to be privy ahead of time to LL Cool J’s surprise appearance in the Season 2 finale (watch video above), fans of the overall NCIS franchise (especially NCIS: Los Angeles itself) surely were even more thrilled to see Sam Hanna show up (and so soon after he and Callen jetted off to Morocco to find Hetty).


LL Cool J can bring it all — swagger, brawn, charm — so we hope that NCIS: Hawai’i makes the most of his bag of tricks, and also feeds us at least one meaningful mention of what’s new (even if off-screen) in that LA corner of the NCIS-iverse.

WANT: Jane/Kate alliances

The season-ending, off-the-books case that sent Jane to Caracas, with Kate in tow, was terrific in how it furthered the bond between the distinctly strong, cunning women — Jane cuffing Kate to a kitchen counter notwithstanding! As often as these two might/must lock horns on the official work front, each protecting/advancing the needs of their respective agency, we know that Kate is part of the Team Tennant “family-adjacent,” so any time that she and Jane can work together toward a common goal is a Bechdel Test-passing delight.

WANT: More Captain Milius

Getting just one (1) Season 2 appearance by Enver Gjokaj’s Captain Joe was itself a crime worthy of naval investigation. Because not only does Joe generate immense romantic heat with NCIS team leader Jane, but he’s also a highly enjoyable foil of sorts, when he needs to keep Tennant from coloring too far outside of the lines.

DON’T WANT: Manufactured drama for #Kacy

After the beautifully wrapped gift for Kate/Lucy fans that was Season 2, we can totally hear the writers thinking, “OK, enough joy for those two! Time to put them through the wringer. Who has ideas? Hurry!” So, yes, maybe put this pairing to the occasional, quickly resolved test (e.g. differing POVs on a crimesolving tactic), but please spare us blasts from romantic pasts, disapproving kinfolk or any other tired tropes. #Kacy deserves better.


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