NCIS Hawaii Sneak Peek Shows Jane Tennant Turns Suspect After Murder Scene Whereabouts

CBS viewers will see a new side of Jane Tennant as she becomes a suspect in a mysterious murder case.

On Monday, NCIS Hawaii will return to screens for its penultimate season two episode.

While fans have grown to love Special Agent in Charge Jane Tennant (played by Vanessa Lachey) for her dedication to solving crime, the tables will turn for the skilled professional.

The show released a surprising sneak peek clip of the upcoming episode, Past Due which saw Tennant being interrogated.

The agent quickly became a fan-favourite for becoming the first female in the demanding role while being a single mother of two.

However, it seems there are some hidden details about Tennant’s past which will be unearthed in the final two episodes.

The teaser opened up with Tennant being questioned by Captain Akana who asked: “We got reports of gunshots, who alerted you to them?”

After the agent responded: “No one, did,” he hit back: “So how did you get in here, special agent Tennant?”

To which, she explained: “I was invited by the victim, I arrived moments after he was shot.”

The line of questioning took place just meters away from where the victim’s dead body lay.

The room was also undergoing thorough investigation as forensic investigators combed through the scene collecting fingerprints and taking photos.


When Akana probed: “Is he connected to an NCIS case?” Tennant shrugged: “Not that I know of, it’s likely the suspect’s still nearby.”

Before the Captain could continue, Agent Kai Holme (Alex Tarrant) and Agent Lucy Tara (Yasmine Al Bustami) arrived.

Although Akana made it clear he wasn’t finished asking questions, Tennant erupted: “Captain, I understand you’re just doing your job but you checked my weapon and it hasn’t been discharged.”

While it’s yet to be seen if she truly had nothing to do with the victim’s death, Agent Holme discovered a disturbing detail.

As he knelt beside the corpse, he reached into Oliver’s pocket he pulled out a passport, after looking at the identification he asked his boss: “You never met Price before?”

Tennant stuck by her claim and demanded: “I have no idea who he is.

However, Holme turned the passport around to reveal her photo on the ID as he added: “He knows you or at least a version of you.”

NCIS Hawaii season 2 continues Mondays on CBS in the USA.


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