NCIS: Hawaii Spoilers: What To Expect In Season 2, Episode 19

Ernie is the one to help get to the bottom of the case in NCIS: Hawaii Season 2, Episode 19. Here are the NCIS: Hawaii spoilers you need for the episode.

After taking a couple of weeks off, NCIS: Hawaii is back with a new episode. That was the last break until the end of the season. The good news is that we’ll get more of the Hawaii-based team. The series has been renewed for a third season.

This episode sees the team on Mars. Well, sort of. There’s a murder in the middle of an intense Mars simulation. Someone was poisoned during the simulation, which means the murderer is still in the place. Ernie goes in to help solve the murder, but that puts him at risk.

NCIS: Hawaii spoilers: 2×19 promo

The promo shares some of the details of the case, which includes the victim being poisoned. This means that someone in the simulation is involved, and that puts everyone at risk. Of course, it narrows down the list of suspects, but that puts the murderer in a tight situation.


One thing the promo makes clear is that Lucy is back. There have been a lot of questions about where she’s been for some time.

NCIS: Hawaii spoilers: 2×19 synopsis

The synopsis for the episode shares the case and that’s it. We don’t get to know any personal storylines. The synopsis makes it clear that Ernie is heading into the investigation alone. The rest of the team will be able to watch from cameras, but they won’t be able to help physically.

Why does someone want an astronaut dead? This is clearly to help see if it’s possible to create life on Mars, so why would someone want to stop that?

After the mysterious death of an astronaut in a highly sensitive Mars simulation, the NCIS team must send Ernie into the habitat to investigate alone.


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