NCIS: How Jessica Basically Stole Eleanor Bishop’s Spotlight (In The Best Way Possible)

NCIS, known for its gripping crime-solving narratives, has introduced numerous memorable characters over the years. Among the relatively recent additions, Jessica Knight, portrayed by Katrina Law, has quickly become a fan favorite.

Let’s try to understand the reasons why fans believe she was a great addition to NCIS.

Jessica Knight’s background as an NCIS Special Agent assigned to the REACT Unit in the Navy Yard Washington D.C. immediately established her as a capable and resourceful individual.

Fans appreciate her expertise in handling high-pressure situations and solving complex cases. With her extensive training and experience, Jessica consistently showcases her abilities, earning the respect of her colleagues and viewers alike.

Following the disbandment of her previous team due to tragic circumstances, Jessica Knight joined the main NCIS Major Case Response Team. This transition marked a significant moment for the character and the show.

Fans were captivated by how seamlessly Jessica integrated into the team and made her own unique contributions. She brought a fresh perspective and energy that breathed new life into the dynamics among the agents.

Though limited information is available about her family, viewers have learned that she has an older brother and a younger sister named Robin.


This glimpse into her background helps fans connect with her on a more personal level, making her feel like a well-rounded character rather than just a crime-solving machine. However, fans also desire to see more of Knight’s backstory.

One aspect of Jessica’s life that fans find endearing is her close relationship with her father, who also works in NCIS. This father-daughter bond adds a touching and relatable element to Jessica’s character.

Jessica Knight’s addition to NCIS coincided with the departure of Eleanor Bishop, another beloved character. While fans were sad to see Bishop go, Jessica filled the void admirably.

Jessica left fans eagerly anticipating her future adventures on NCIS. They are excited to witness her development as the show progresses.

Jessica’s dedication to her job, coupled with her willingness to learn and adapt, makes her a character worth investing in.


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