NCIS: Who Plays Dion In The Los Angeles Season 14 Finale?

Everyone’s favorite team of NCIS agents are headed for a final curtain call, but on the way out, they’ve managed to meet some new faces. Among those new people happens to be Dion (Jay Hieron), who works as a gun runner in cahoots with the episode’s main villain, a dirty member of the ATF, SAC Kerry Adams (Liz Vassey).

Adams traffics a large amount of arms on the black market that have been stolen from a nearby warehouse. The man she’s tried to pin her crimes on is ATF Special Agent Bill Newsome (Randy Couture). The team chooses to have Newsome go undercover to smoke out the arms dealers while they investigate.

Dion happens to be one of the four guys waiting for instructions from Adams. Newsome and Dion end up in a confrontation when Newsome refuses to move the arms at Dion’s request, resulting in a fight that puts Newsome in charge of the pack.

It’s a role that requires an ability to take on a UFC-style choke hold without getting hurt, and Hieron’s long history as a stuntman likely helped him coordinate the scene with Coture. Hieron has put his body on the line for numerous series, like “The Blacklist” and “Elementary.” He even served as a stunt performer for films like “Logan,” “Free Guy,” “The Suicide Squad,” and “Black Adam.”

He’s also had some memorable smaller acting parts. From sharing screen-time with Denzel Washington in “The Equalizer II” to getting punched out by a famous spy in a GEICO ad, he’s had a lot of surprising and unique appearances in film and TV.


Jay Hieron has shared the screen with Denzel Washington

Jay Hieron’s acting roles thus far have been minor compared to his stunt work, but he’s still managed to create a notable profile for himself with those parts. For instance, he plays Dirty Dick in Episode 4 of “Pam & Tommy,” and he portrays Santi in the TV movie continuation of the series “New York Undercover.”

Along with this, Hieron has been is some popular, action franchises. He was Ben Orasco in the Fox adaption of “Lethal Weapon,” and in “The Equalizer II,” he has a memorable taxicab encounter with Denzel Washington’s Robert McCall as a harried passenger. In the second season of “Bull,” Hieron is Rodrigo ‘The Ramrod’ Rivera, a boxer on trial for a murder he didn’t commit over Thanksgiving weekend.

Among all of those roles, Hieron has definitely secured himself a special part in a unique commercial. He appears in GEICO’s famous “Spy” commercial, where he is one the henchmen getting beaten up by the lead spy (Marsh Mokhtari). As any performer worth their salt knows, whether their trading wits or trading punches, it’s all a day’s work in Hollywood.


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