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New General Hospital Beginnings: Where Curtis Ashford Is Headed Next

Will Curtis leave GH’s Portia Robinson?

Curtis Ashford just learned about Trina possibly being his daughter on General Hospital. Not only did Portia keep this secret from him for two decades, but Jordan also knew and didn’t spill, either. Now Curtis needs to decide what he’ll do next.

General Hospital: Could Be Worse

Curtis (Donnell Turner) initially dumped Jordan (Tanisha Harper) because she kept secrets from him — about her work. Now that Portia (Brook Kerr) has lied about something much more important, 25% of the audience would like Curtis to realize that he judged Jordan too harshly. He should dump Portia and reunite with the woman whose lies weren’t nearly as bad.

General Hospital: Talk It Out, Curtis Ashford

Curtis needs some serious therapy, 33% of you advise. He should sit down with some professional, say, Kevin (Jon Lindstrom), and really try to figure out why he gives up on love so easily. He dumped Jordan as soon as things got tough, and now he’s ready to do the same with Portia. How about sticking around and fighting for a relationship, for a change? You might end up happier in the long run. And, you know, not alone.


GH: Settle Down

Curtis is married to Portia, 42% remind. They might have a daughter together. Those are both excellent reasons for him to stick it out — this time. For one thing, as he learned with Jordan, filing for divorce is really a pain. Especially if your buttinsky Aunt Stella (Verne Watson) is in charge of filing the papers.

And it’s not like the feelings automatically go away afterward. If you loved Portia before you made things official, you will continue loving her even after the legal obligation is severed. So you might as well stay married and see if you can get over the lies and the betrayals. Jordan likely doesn’t want you back. So stick with Portia.


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