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On The Couch: Why General Hospital Sonny Corinthos Came Down So Hard On Gladys

The answer to the present is in Sonny’s GH past.

Nobody is saying Gladys is a good person on General Hospital. She is, in fact, a horrible, horrible person. She took advantage of her vulnerable daughter-in-law to get Sasha hooked on pills and then committed to a mental institution because Gladys wanted to steal her money. There is no excuse for that. But there is an explanation. Still, Sonny Corinthos came down really hard on her.

On The Couch: Sonny Corinthos

Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs) is an addict. A gambling addict. Sonny (Maurice Benard) knows that. When he found out about what Gladys did to Sasha, he read her the riot act, which she deserved. Sonny also said he would destroy Gladys if she ever gambled again. Sonny claimed he’d know if she so much as put a nickel in a slot machine. (How? Don’t ask. He’s Sonny!) He came down much harder on her than the situation warranted, and it wasn’t really his business. Why? Let’s plop him down on the couch and find out!

General Hospital: The Big Sick

If we are to believe that Gladys is an addict rather than simply a horrible human being, then we need to place her in the same category as an alcoholic, a drug addict, or someone who can’t give up smoking. She has a disease.

Does Sonny really think he can threaten someone out of being sick? Hey, maybe he should have tried that with Willow’s (Katelyn MacMullen) cancer! Or Curtis’s (Donnell Turner) paralysis! Sonny has forgiven Carly (Laura Wright) and others more horrible things. So why the disproportionate crazy over Gladys and her gambling?


Sonny Corinthos: Way Back Then

You know who else had a gambling problem? Sonny’s dad, Mike. And Sonny read him the riot act over it. Again and again and again. Sonny spent most of the early 1990s telling his dad what an awful person he was, and gambling was a big part of it. Now Mike is dead. Sonny misses his dad. And it’s logical to assume he feels bad over how he treated him once upon a time.

GH: Justify My Love

Sonny doesn’t like to feel bad. Sonny likes to feel he is always right all the time. So, how can he justify how he treated Mike over his gambling illness? By being just as hard on Gladys. That way, Sonny can feel like he didn’t go too far. He wasn’t too tough on Mike. He treated Mike just like he treated Gladys. And she deserved it. Which means Mike did, too. Sonny continues to be always right!


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