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On The General Hospital Couch: Why Is Brook Lynn Playing Games With Chase?

We go back into Port Charles’ past for a look at Brook Lynn’s parents.

General Hospital fans are reaching the end of their rope, watching Brook Lynn and Chase pretending not to want each other, even though they obviously want each other. They’re both in their thirties, and they’re acting like they’re 15. What’s up with that? Why the game playing? We’ll save Chase for another time, but right now, we are plopping Brook Lynn Quartermaine on the couch for a peek inside her musical psyche.

Following the General Hospital Plot

It’s kind of obvious that Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) doesn’t believe anyone would want to be around her, unless it’s part of some lie, followed by a caper. That was the case with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), that was the case with Chase (Josh Swickard), it was even the case going back to her teen years, when she first returned to Port Charles to live with her dad, Ned (Wally Kurth).

It’s kind of sad, really. The poor girl doesn’t trust her true personality to attract anyone. She always thinks she has to be pretending to be someone else.

Back To the GH Past

But why is that? Here’s the problem: We can’t really look for clues to Brook Lynn’s behavior during her childhood because we weren’t there to see it. Brook Lynn was born on the air, but soon afterward, her mom, Lois, took her baby and moved back to Brooklyn. Brook Lynn didn’t return to Port Charles until a few years had passed — and she was a teenager.


General Hospital: Even Further Back

So let’s go further back, past Brook Lynn’s babyhood, and into the defining event that shaped her future life: Her parents meeting.

And how did Brook Lynn’s parents meet? It was a lie. Edward “Ned” then-Ashton-now-Quartermaine was pretending to be a rock and roll singer named Eddie Maine. That’s who Lois fell in love with. Yeah, Brook Lynn’s parents fell in love as part of a caper. A game that Ned was playing.

As far as Brook Lynn is concerned, Lois and Ned are the greatest love story ever. After all, it led to her. So is it any surprise she’s trying to recreate their beginnings? And failing as badly as they ultimately did?


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