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Rescue Me: How Should General Hospital’s Carly Spencer Save Herself?

Will it be Sonny or Drew to her GH rescue?

Might Carly Spencer actually have to pay for any of her crimes on General Hospital? Don’t be silly! Since when is being guilty in Port Charles any reason to suffer the consequences for one’s actions?

General Hospital Polling

Carly and Drew pulled off some insider trading, and they are disgusted by the thought they might have been caught. What should Bobbie’s daughter do about that? Nearly 4,000 voters weighed in:

GH: Turn and Run

Throw Drew (Cameron Mathison) under that bus, 4% cheer. He’d be happy to do it for you, Carly (Laura Wright). He would do anything for you. Anyone would, really. So why not take advantage? At least, this way, one guilty party will be locked up in prison. The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) should be happy to get that much.

Carly Spencer: General Hospital Man Overboard

Then again, twice as many people, 6%, think Carly should keep the man who loves her now and, instead, sacrifice the one who was foolish enough to stop loving her. Sonny (Maurice Benard) would be happy to do it for you, Carly. Like Drew, he would do anything for you. Anyone would, really. So why not take advantage? Besides, everyone in town would be happy to testify that Carly spent years, nay, decades, doing whatever Sonny told her to. How hard would it be to convince the feds she’s still doing it?


General Hospital: Truth and Dare

However, in the end, a whopping 90% want Carly to accept the blame for that thing that she actually did, and show that she can take her punishment like a big girl. It will just make her more beloved in the end. Just think of Port Charles walking around, lamenting, “Poor Carly, oh, poor, poor, Carly. So good, so noble, so self-sacrificing. If only I could love her more!” This could be a great more in the long run. Even Sonny will be impressed.


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