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Should Maxie Jones Move Into Lulu’s Old House On General Hospital?

Will Sam’s GH idea make her life easier…or harder?

On General Hospital, Maxie Jones whined to Sam about having to live in a space with three children that’s larger than what over half the planet lives in. However, it makes Maxie’s kids fight, so how can she be expected to suffer so?

General Hospital Polling

Problem solver Sam (Kelly Monaco) had a solution to Maxie’s (Kirsten Storms) problem: She should move into Dante’s (Dominic Zamprogna) old house, which is also Lulu’s (Emme Rylan) old house. Is that a good idea? For any of them? Here’s what over 2,000 voters think.

Maxie Jones: Weird Science

Maxie and Lulu have a pretty complicated history, 10% remind. Taking over her space would bring up too many good and bad memories. And it would not help Maxie figure out who she is as a person if she had to live under Lulu’s ever-theoretical shadow. Maxie is a mom now. She needs to stand on her own two feet and raise her three kids. Which means she needs to look out for number one.


Wake Me Up, Before You Go-Go

Lulu is coming back, 34% insist. She has to wake up sometimes, and when she does, it’s bad enough she’s going to have to face Dante now living with Sam. Does she have to deal with losing her house, too? A newly post-coma Lulu is going to need stability and familiarity. Her father is dead. Her mother is looking for Nikolas in Chechnya. Her brother is…wherever. And her husband has a new family with her kids. She should at least have a home to go back to!

Maxie Jones: Match Game

But for 56% of the audience, it’s the perfect solution for Maxie’s dilemma. She may not be able to control Georgie and James or make them behave, but she can send them to their separate rooms. And call it good parenting.


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