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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For GH: Brook Kerr

Brook Kerr had her character Portia face her rival but walked away with more questions than answers on GH.

Dr. Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) wasted no time in getting to the heart of the matter when she walked into the office of Jordan Ashford. Trina’s mom set the stage for a series of scenes by demanding to know what Jordan was thinking when she kissed Curtis. While Portia has earned Jordan’s attention, Kerr is earning our praise for her acting.

Brook Kerr – Performer of the Week

Jordan confirmed to Portia that it was just one kiss between her and Curtis (Donnell Turner), which is what Curtis had told his wife. This will be a fast conversation, right? Not quite. When the acting mayor assured the good doctor that she had no interest in her husband and wouldn’t be involved with her family any longer, Portia was ready with a reply. “Aside from sleeping with my brother,” she shot back, letting Jordan know that she was aware of her romp with her brother Zeke (Gavin Houston).

Portia may be a doctor but she was as prepared as a good attorney might be for her encounter with Jordan. When Jordan said she said she was disappointed with Zeke sharing confidential information with Portia, Jordan quickly replied, “Because he admitted to your fling…or because he exposed your designs on my husband. Which one?”

Jordan apologized for kissing Curtis. However, Kerr infused her character with a strong desire — Portia wanted to know about the emotional component between Jordan and her husband. What intimacies were shared? What conversations were had? Portia may have her husband living back with her under their roof but she’s not taking for granted that things are okay. Kerr brought strength and determination to Portia in these scenes.


“Please. Jordan, please,” Portia snarked at Jordan after she again stated she didn’t want Curtis. After a point, Jordan had had enough. She decided to remind Portia that, initially, she had no plans to let Curtis know that Trina (Tabyana Ali) was his daughter. “I know I made mistakes in my marriage to Marcus,” Kerr’s Portia said, her voice trembling with regret.

Kudos are certainly due to Tanisha Harper in these scenes, as well. The actress matched Kerr moment by moment, playing Jordan’s truth and her point of view. Soap opera viewers know that if both sides aren’t evenly matched in a confrontation then nobody wins (especially, the viewers!) Both performers in these scenes are at the top of their game.

On paper, Jordan and Portia may have no reason to like each other but both characters (mostly) don’t play animosity between them as much as they do having conflicting emotions and points of view. As a result, the scenes are ultimately richer. Portia felt comfortable asking Jordan which of them walked away from the other — Jordan from Curtis or the other way around?

Jordan deflected the question and, in turn, proposed a query to Portia — who is she truly mad at? Her? Curtis? Or herself? Only when she was on the other side of Jordan’s office door did Portia fully allow herself to realize that she’d been asked a fair question. It’s one we look forward to seeing Portia, played by Brook Kerr, answer in upcoming episodes.


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