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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For GH: Maura West

The Daytime Emmy winner delivered the drama and the comedy this week on GH.

Maura West delivered the drama on General Hospital when her character Ava’s daughter Avery went missing. Ava got Avery back (whew!) and West has earned Soap Hub Performer of the Week for GH for her performances.

Maura West: GH Performer of the Week

GH shot on location to give authenticity to Avery going missing in the park. However, we doubt the confines of four studio walls could have contained the desperation that West brought to Ava as she feared the worst. In typical Ava fashion, she withheld information from Det. Chase Harrison (Josh Swickard) as she flashbacked to Austin (Roger Howarth) cautioning her that no one is off limits to Mason (Nathanyael Grey). Ava quickly called Sonny (Maurice Benard) knowing that if anyone could help find Avery it would be her dad!

Ava loves keeping secrets and while she was ready to withhold info from Chase, she started to take Sonny aside and let him know about Mason. Just then, Austin appeared with Avery (Ava and Grace Scarola). The good doctor and child-locator had a simple explanation as to where Avery had gone off to but the look that Ava shot Austin betrayed her belief that there was more to this story.

Poor Pilar (Brenda Barberena) in all this. It’s likely she was tricked into taking her eyes off of Avery with the phony call from her “grandmother.” Ava dismissed her with a curt “We’ll finish this conversation tomorrow.” The mob lady had more pressing matters as evidenced by her smacking Austin across the face, accusing him of setting up the whole thing.

Ava didn’t want further contact but he later showed up at Wyndemere. Austin explained to Ava that he set up the balloons that lured Avery away and faked the call to Pilar in order to foil a real kidnapping attempt on Avery! Austin reminded Ava that she’s the reason for Mason being in their lives because he knows she killed (actually, “killed”) Nikolas (Adam Huss). West brings a great deal of pragmatism to Ava. She quickly processed Austin’s argument and took in what parts of it she agreed with and fought him on parts she didn’t.


Austin gave Ava enough information on Mason and his unscrupulous pals that would make most characters run for the hills. Not Ava. She stared Avery’s “hero” down and let him know she was on to him. “You’re afraid of them aren’t you,” Ava rhetorically asked. “I can see it. Your fear is real. Even though everything else about you has been a lie.”

Ava pushed Austin away from her as he kissed her and then, moved in to kiss him herself! Cut to the bedroom. After the sex was over, Ava tried to kick Austin out. He wasn’t taking no for an answer. They continued to banter about the absurd events that have tied them together. Then, Ava let Austin know in no uncertain terms that she was not to be played with. “Don’t ever pull a stunt like that again,” Ava stated. “Because if you do, the next body I dump in the stables is going to be yours.”


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