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Soap Vet Tyler Christopher Arrested Again For Public Intoxication

Tyler Christopher is facing more legal issues.

Former General Hospital and Days of our Lives star Tyler Christopher has had another run-in with the law after police found him sleeping and intoxicated at a California airport.

Tyler Christopher Finds Himself In Trouble Again

According to TMZ, police were notified of a man sleeping at an American Airlines terminal, and when police arrived, they believed that the nap was alcohol-related. Christopher apparently told the cops that he had missed a flight, but TMZ claims sources said the beloved actor was demonstrably intoxicated and was “unable to care for himself.”

While Christopher did not spend time behind bars, he was reportedly cuffed and booked. He was then given a citation and a later date for a court appearance.

Beloved Actor Has A History Of Alcohol-Related Problems

Christopher began his daytime career as Nikolas Cassadine in 1996 and played the iconic role off and on until 2016, when he supposedly left the soap due to contract negotiations gone wrong. In late 2017, he created the role of Stefan O. DiMera on DAYS, but only lasted in the role for a little over a year.

In 2019, Christopher was arrested on his 47th birthday in his home state of Indiana, also for public intoxication. In 2022, the actor appeared on Maurice Benard’s web series State Of Mind and detailed his issues with alcoholism that had plagued him since he was a teenager. He also revealed his bipolar diagnosis and explained that he was on the road to recovery after reaching rock bottom in 2021.


Soon after that, Christopher told Soap Hub he was getting help for his issues.

“I’m active in the AA [Alcoholics Anonymous] program…believe it or not, there’s a medication that takes away from [having] the craving of any sort of substance. I go once a month and get an injection,” Christopher said. “It takes away the mental urge to want to numb yourself. That’s part of treating bipolar, too. The two are related to each other…I wanted people to know [what was going on in my life]. I didn’t want to do an hour on State Of Mind saying, ‘Oh, poor me. I’m such a victim.’ I want to educate people.”


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