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Spencer Was There For Trina When She Needed Him Most

The General Hospital recap for July 11, 2023, features Trina’s heartache and Spencer’s loving arms.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Spencer dropped everything to be with Trina while Josslyn made sure to go off on Esme to her face. Curtis’s family gathered at the hospital to pray for him and were joined by Nina. Anna and Sonny stayed at the pool and wondered if they made the right life choices. Finally, Liz and Finn decided to give romance a fourth (or fifth) try.

General Hospital: Trina Wept As Josslyn Went Off

Josslyn (Eden McCoy) could not believe her eyes when she saw Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) and Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) in a close moment after parenting class. At least Joss got to the task at hand and told Spencer he needed to go comfort Trina (Tabyana Ali). As soon as Spencer heard about Curtis (Donnell Turner), he ran to find Trina, leaving Josslyn and Esme alone.

Esme was forced to listen as Josslyn informed her that Spencer would be with Trina now, and she’d just have to live with it. This didn’t seem to bother Esme, but Esme being unbothered seemed to bother Joss. She told Esme she was onto her. Esme still insisted she was not the person she was before, but Josslyn didn’t care and rightfully informed the young woman that she hurt her with that sex video, whether Esme remembered it or not.

Josslyn then suggested that Esme turn herself in to prove how sorry she was about all she had done, but Esme was not about to do that. After Josslyn declared people pay if they hurt her, she then switched tunes and said she was really trying to protect Trina. Esme insisted she wasn’t trying to move in on Spencer, but Josslyn didn’t buy it. Instead, she asked Esme which psychopathic parent she inherited her personality from. Dex (Evan Hofer) stepped in and broke up their little chat. When Esme was gone, Joss was sure she had caught a glimpse of the ‘real’ Esme.

Portia (Brook Kerr) tried to comfort Trina as they both worried about what would happen to Curtis. Trina worried she would lose him after just learning he was her dad. Soon, Spencer arrived, and Trina ran into his arms. Trina cried and poured out her heart to Spencer after Curtis was wheeled into surgery. Spencer tried to get Trina to stay positive, reminding her how strong she was when they were on The Haunted Star.


Soon, Esme showed up and told Trina how sorry she was about Curtis, but made sure Trina knew that Spencer was with her at a parenting class when he found out. Spencer did not seem happy with Esme at all.

GH Recap: Reflections And Decisions

Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Anna (Finola Hughes) went over what happened at the pool and still wonder which one of them was the target. Anna lamented that she should have taken the vandalism on her door more seriously. It was clear that Sonny believed the shooter was after him. Soon, Nina (Cynthia Watros) arrived and was horrified to learn her good friend Curtis had been shot. She was even more horrified to learn that the intended target may have been Sonny.

Anna assured Nina the shooter could have also been after her when Dex called with an update on Curtis. Nina insisted on going to the hospital to see her friend while Anna and Sonny stayed at the pool to continue to discuss the shooting. As Anna came to the conclusion that their life decisions put her and Sonny in this situation of always having to watch their backs, Sonny asked Anna if she’d make different choices if she could turn back the clock.

Anna wasn’t sure, but Sonny’s experience in Nixon Falls apparently had an effect on him, and he wondered if he created Smike because deep down he wanted another life. However, he had to accept the mobster life he chose.

General Hospital Recap: Reconnecting

Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and Finn (Michael Easton) continued talking about how Liz was super emotional after treating Curtis in an emergency situation. They discussed the shooting and how random it all was as they worried about what would have happened if either one of them had caught a bullet. The doctor and nurse continued to have a deep conversation about being a doctor and nurse before realizing life was just too short. All they cared about was being with one another and making sure the other was okay.

Finn soon asked Liz if she was ready to take the plunge again, clearly a euphemism for trying to date again since things worked out so well for them the last three times they tried. A chaste kiss gave Finn his answer.


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