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The Big Brother Holiday Surprise Revealed By Julie Chen Moonves

The Big Brother season finale served as a backdrop for an announcement from Julie Chen Moonves.

Julie has been teasing fans for a while about what would be revealed.

Some fans thought it meant an announcement about a Big Brother winter season was coming.

Then Julie teased a Big Brother Legends season, giving fans hope for new content this winter.

A former houseguest even said they would have to decline a Legends season if it happened.

At the beginning of the BB25 finale on November 9, Julie teased the holiday surprise again. But it was a tease intended to keep viewers glued to the television.

What is the Big Brother holiday surprise?

A new surprise was revealed after Jag Bains was named the Big Brother winner.

Britney Haynes, Frankie Grande, and Danielle Reyes returned to cause more havoc. They failed at trying to put the Big Brother multiverse back together.

Julie then revealed that a “special” season of a spin-off show is coming.

The new show is called Big Brother: Reindeer Games.

Julie said that legendary BB players will return for six action-packed episodes.

Jordan Lloyd (BB11 winner), Derek Xiao (BB23), and Tiffany Mitchell (BB23) will serve as “helpers” during the event.

They might replace Julie (for now), who said she would see viewers next summer. That indicates she won’t be on board for the spin-off, but stay tuned.

Julie also revealed that a member of the BB25 cast will get to play.

The season premiere for Big Brother: Reindeer Games is on December 11 at 8/7c.

And here is the full episode schedule for the new Big Brother spin-off.


More details about this Big Brother spin-off will come later, but this should give fans something intriguing to watch during the holidays.

Since it is only six episodes long, this will be a much quicker version of a reality show.

More Big Brother news and notes

Luke Valentine called Cory a “snitch” during a recent Instagram Live session. Luke was addressing questions about when he violated the Code of Conduct, and he blames Cory for everyone going down that way.

BB25 jury members also got video messages from home that didn’t make it to the episodes. Cory even got some notes from his mom about that mustache.

Three houseguests also broke Big Brother records this season. Some of the records had been standing for a long time.

Big Brother 26 will happen in Summer 2024, with the network already working on the details.

Previous seasons of Big Brother are also available for streaming on Paramount+.


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