The Curse of Oak Island

The Curse Of Oak Island Preview: Professor Gaspani Says Templar Knights Built Stone Piles On Lot 15

On The Curse of Oak Island, the guys learn that the Templar Knights built the stone piles found on Lot 15 as evidence mounts that the medieval order was on the island in the 13th century.

This week’s episode is The Curse of Oak Island, Season 11, Episode 17, and the History Channel has named the show Piling On.

The last couple of episodes have seen the Lagina brothers becoming increasingly convinced that some major human activity occurred on the island in the 13th century.

The guys theorize that these humans were pre-Colombus Europeans from the medieval order of Templar Knights.

Last week, Rick decided it was time to recruit archaeoastronomer Professor Adriano Gaspani to see if he could investigate whether or not the stone cairns on Lot 15 were built in alignment with the stars. The hope was that Gaspani could then determine who made them and when.

In this week’s preview, Gaspani confidently told the guys that the Templar Knights built the stone cairns.

If true, this could completely rewrite the history of North America and maybe lead to the discovery of ancient Christian relics such as the Ark of the Covenant on Oak Island.

According to the History Channel episode synopsis, Nolan’s cross is also somehow connected to this theory. The synopsis reads:

“As the team makes contact with the elusive tunnel under the Garden Shaft, an exciting new scientific theory surfaces which suggests a connection between Nolan’s Cross and the Knights Templar.”

Last year, Gaspani claimed Nolan’s Cross was built in 1200 AD, and a couple of weeks ago, another expert suggested the stone feature pointed to the Garden Shaft. Surveyor Steve Guptill subsequently confirmed the expert could be right with his analysis.


Evidence of Templar Knight and 1200 AD activity on Oak Island is building up

The team has heard dozens of theories over the years, but it seems as though recent theories have started to link together and are beginning to match what the guys are finding on the ground.

Also, on tonight’s show, Gary and Jack Begley will uncover another artifact, which Gary suspects could be medieval and Jack thinks could be related to the lead cross.

The lead cross, found at Smith’s Cove in 2017, dated to the 13th or 14th century and was made using material from the south of France. It’s thought it may be a Templar artifact.

The Oak Island team pulls a depositor beam out of the Garden Shaft

Meanwhile, at the Garden Shaft, it looks like the guys have actually pulled up an old beam from the tunnel under the shaft. From the shape of the beam, they suspect this is original depositor work.

In the preview, Dumas miner Roger Fortin claimed he’s been in many old mines and has never seen anything like this before. Gary called it a piece of “Oak Island Money Pit history.”

If this solid-looking beam does turn out to be the work of the original depositors, then the guys might be on the cusp of finding some serious treasure.


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