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The Verdict Is In: Elizabeth Webber Belongs With This General Hospital Man

Who is the right man for GH’s head nurse?

Viewers watched Elizabeth grow up on General Hospital, from troublemaking teen to lovestruck ingenue to mom of three to widow. She’s certainly had a full life over the years.

General Hospital Polling

But who is the best romantic match Liz (Rebecca Herbst) ever had, the one she deserves to end up with for all time?

Elizabeth Webber: Out With the Old

How about Chase (Josh Swickard), 2% suggest. He’s young, he’s cute. And he sure is a lot more fun than his dour big brother.

General Hospital: Mirror Image

Elizabeth doesn’t see that Austin (Roger Howarth) looks like the late Franco. But we do. Which is why 4% want to see them hook up. Also, he’s a doctor…she’s a nurse. Yeah, sure, why not?

The First Cut is the Deepest

Elizabeth fell in love with Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) when she was still in high school, and, for 21% of you, there will never be anyone better. Their love was innocent and pure. Even when he cheated on her. And she cheated on him. And he basically abandoned her with three kids to raise. Nobody’s perfect.


General Hospital: Ghost Rider

Lucky came back from the dead. So did Sonny (Maurice Benard). So did Jason (Steve Burton). So did Anna (Finola Hughes). So did Robert (Tristan Rogers). What we’re saying is, a lot of Port Charles folks have come back from the dead. So why can’t Franco (Roger Howarth), 25% of the audience wonder? He was her longest relationship, all things considered, and it deserves to be neverending.

Elizabeth Webber, Leave Well Enough Along

Then again, 48% are perfectly happy to see Elizabeth with Finn (Michael Easton). Sure, their relationship seems to be mostly predicated on taking their kids places. There isn’t a lot of passion, much less chemistry. But he’s nice enough. He won’t hurt her like the guys she fell madly in love with. Sometimes, that’s good enough.


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