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Tracy Quartermaine Returns To General Hospital To Do This

Who will feel the wrath of General Hospital’s Tracy Quartermaine first?

Not only has General Hospital turned 60 years one, but now the one and only Tracy Angelica Quartermaine is headed back to Port Charles, played by the one and only Jane Elliot.

General Hospital Polling

Port Charles has really missed her. And almost 2,000 of you weighed in on what she should do when she arrives back where she belongs.

Tracy Quartermaine: The General Hospital Bitch Is Back

Austin (Roger Howarth) clearly has no clue how to effectively manage his mob family. Let Aunt Tracy give him a couple of lessons, 6% of voters advise. Tracy should become the new head of the family and kick both Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Selina (Lydia Look) to the curb. Once it’s all her territory, we’ll finally see how crime should really be done!

Tracy Q: To Grandmother’s House We Go

Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) clearly has no clue how to effectively manage her music career. Let Grandma Tracy give her a couple of lessons, 23% of the audience adds on. Tracy should get Brook Lynn out of her mess with Linc. And then she should give her a talking-to about the mess that is Brook Lynn’s flirtation with Chase (Josh Swickard). Sure, Tracy doesn’t know anything about how to maintain a healthy romantic relationship. But, boy, is she an expert in toxic ones!


A General Hospital Woman Scorned

The closest thing to a not-horrible relationship Tracy ever had was with Luke (Anthony Geary). Sure, he demeaned her and blackmailed her, abandoned her, and never came close to loving her as much as she loved him.

But, he was still better than all the men who came before him. So 71% of fans think Tracy should devote herself to bringing down Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) in retaliation for Luke’s death. Victor always thinks he’s the smartest in any room. Let Tracy give him a couple of lessons.


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